A special invitation for Chiropractors who are ready to transform their practice and patient experience.

Your 2023 Business Adjustment Blueprint

Your Easy-to-Follow, Quick to Implement Toolkit to
Upgrading Patient Retention, Mastering Marketing, Leveling Up Leadership,
and Adjusting Your Practice to Thrive in 2023 and Beyond


Dr. Jay Greenstein

CEO, Kaizenovate
& Kaizo Health

This is Dr. Jay Greenstein and I’m here with a proposition that might appear somewhat unusual…

Does the thought of harmoniously merging world-class patient care with a thriving business operation hit close to home?

Maybe it resonates with a deep desire…

Maybe it brings to mind a vision…

If that’s the case, then you’re prepared for this journey.

Because you are a chiropractor, committed to amplifying your practice, and I’ve been looking for someone just like you.

More precisely, your practice’s potential is seeking you out.

At this point, I’d like to introduce a team of industry leaders who share this vision and are equally passionate about chiropractic excellence. Together, our mission is to guide you in designing or reinventing your chiropractic practice so you can make a profound impact, find joy in your profession, and enjoy exponential growth along the way…

What I have observed is that many of my peers who are driven to build an impactful practice… often struggle to integrate all the components of their business, even while they provide exceptional care to their patients…

Do You Struggle With One of these Barriers to Growing Your Practice?

Ongoing Process Issues

Running a chiropractic practice involves a symphony of processes, each demanding careful orchestration. From patient scheduling to managing staff to maintaining accurate patient records, the list is endless. When these processes are not streamlined, it’s like navigating through a maze, leading to operational inefficiency, staff frustration, and patient dissatisfaction.

Streamlined Practice Management

Think of it as de-cluttering your workspace for optimal efficiency. We equip you with proven strategies and tools to manage your business effectively, align with market trends, and meet your customers’ needs seamlessly.

An efficient practice is like a well-oiled machine, ensuring growth and prosperity.

Poor Patient Retention

Picture your practice as a revolving door, with patients coming in but not sticking around. You provide excellent care, but patients seem to drift away after a few visits. Patient retention is like holding water in your hands – if your grasp isn’t firm enough, it slips through the fingers, impacting your reputation and bottom line.

Remarkable Patient Experience

Consider this as learning the secret recipe to customer satisfaction. Joey Coleman shares his tailored strategies and best practices help you build strong bonds with your patients and enhance their experiences, ensuring your practice becomes their preferred choice.

Strong patient relationships are the building blocks for a successful practice.

Unpredictable Cash Flow

As a chiropractic practice owner, the uncertainty of revenue flow can feel like riding a roller coaster blindfolded. When your revenue stream is unpredictable, it’s hard to plan for growth or even maintain the stability of your practice. This instability can result in stress and a constant struggle to keep your practice financially afloat.

Financial Prosperity and Practice Growth

Imagine discovering a treasure map to financial success. With our proven financial strategies and innovative approaches, you’ll learn how to optimize revenue and identify new income streams, leading your practice towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Mastering the financial aspects is akin to having a golden key to long-term success.

Missed Revenue Opportunities

The healthcare industry offers many revenue-generating opportunities, but unlocking these can feel like deciphering a complex code. With constant changes in the billing landscape and new avenues for income opening up, staying on top of it all is a significant challenge. Without the right strategies and guidance, you could miss out on these opportunities, limiting your practice’s financial growth potential. 

Thriving Practice Culture

The BAB is designed to help you discover and establish new revenue streams for your practice. Under the guidance of Kristi Hudson and the application of RTM (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring) codes, you’ll be equipped with the strategies you need to increase your practice’s revenue. By diversifying your revenue streams, your practice becomes more resilient, more profitable, and better equipped to serve your patients’ needs.

A diverse revenue stream is like a sturdy ship, weathering market fluctuations and sailing towards success and prosperity.


Fading in Market Visibility

In today’s saturated healthcare market, standing out can feel like trying to be heard in a bustling crowd. You know your practice offers unique, high-quality services, but conveying this to potential patients is a constant struggle. Your practice’s unique value can become overshadowed by competitors, leading to missed opportunities, lower patient acquisition, and ultimately, reduced revenue. 

Unique Differentiation and Effective Marketing

In a crowded healthcare market, standing out is crucial. the Business Adjustment Blueprint, designed with insights from marketing expert Dr. Kevin Christie, will help you create a unique identity for your practice. It’s all about building a remarkable experience that resonates with your patients. You’ll learn how to enhance your online presence, foster deep connections with your patients, and effectively market your practice to constantly bring in new patients. 

A unique and visible practice is like a magnet, attracting growth and prosperity.


Obliviousness to AI and New Tech

Emerging technology in healthcare can seem like a double-edged sword. On one side, there’s the promise of improving efficiencies and patient care; on the other, there’s the daunting task of understanding and integrating these new tools into your practice. This fear of technology can lead to resistance and delay in adopting new tech, which can put your practice at a disadvantage in the rapidly advancing healthcare landscape.

Easeful Implementation of AI and New Tech

This is your ticket to the future. We provide insights into the latest technological advancements and help you integrate them into your operations, keeping your practice one step ahead in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Think of technology as your ally, opening new doors for growth and innovation.)

What if you had a clear and proven path to overcome
your challenges of growing your chiropractic practice with ease?

A Transformation like this happens once in a lifetime, don’t wait to experience it…

The Experts That Will Help You Make This A Reality 

Ever wondered how much you’d have to spend to get individual coaching from the leading experts in the chiropractic business industry? You’d be looking at a staggering sum of no less than $12,000/ day each!

But what if we told you that you don’t have to break the bank to access the wisdom and strategies of these industry titans?

Dr. Jay Greenstein
CEO, Kaizenovate
& Kaizo Health

Kevin Christie
CEO, Modern
Chiropractic Marketing

Joey Coleman
Wall Street Journal
bestselling author

Kristi Hudson
Vice President of Business
Relations, ChiroHealthUSA

Brad Cost
Infinedi Analytics

Here’s the clincher: you get all these top-tier clear and proven strategies, not for $12,000, not even for $1,000, but for ONLY $499! This is an offer that truly disrupts the norm.

But you need to act FAST. This price is a limited-time opportunity, set to change in one month. Don’t let this golden chance slip away.

Grab the Business Adjustment Blueprint NOW and catalyze your journey to extraordinary practice success!

Who is it for


You're a chiropractor entrepreneur, or a practice business owner seeking effective ways to enhance your business strategies, patient experience, and team dynamics.


You're committed to your role as a healer and have a deep passion for improving the lives of your patients.


You have an existing practice, whether small or large, or you're a freshly graduated chiropractic student about to venture into the world of practice ownership.


You often feel like your practice doesn't have "all the pieces" falling into place seamlessly.


You dream of a practice that thrives on efficient systems, leaving you with ample time to focus on what matters the most: your patients' well-being.

Who is it NOT for


You don't see the need for adjusting your practice in response to evolving market trends and patient needs.


You believe financial management and exploring new revenue avenues is not a priority for your practice's growth.


You aren't interested in leveraging technology to improve your practice's efficiency and patient care.


You are not willing to step out of your comfort zone and challenge the status quo for your practice's benefit.

Discover the impact the Business Adjustment Blueprint has had on chiropractors just like you.