TMD: Weeding

TMD: Weeding

Two Minute Drill: Weeding

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. When I was a kid, my parents had a garden in the backyard. We grew tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, and all kinds of stuff. I had to be the one responsible for doing all the weeding in that garden which brings Today’s topic of conversation, weeding.

I’ve Got to be Creative

I hated doing the weeding. It was hot. It was humid. There were lots of bugs. I didn’t like pulling weeds as opposed to running around the neighborhood, riding my bike, or throwing a football. I have weeding PTSD, I hate weeding. As an adult, I refuse to do any weeding. Now the result of that is my backyard. There are weeds everywhere back there. It’s a disaster area.

When I think about the things that I need to get done, that I don’t want to do, I’ve got to be creative. I need to find ways to get things done without me doing it or I just have to live with the consequences, which by the way back in my backyard is not very good.

What do I do? I decide I’m going to pay somebody to come over and do the weeding for me. Now, I think that’s a good use of resources because quite frankly, I don’t make any money when I weed, I don’t create a positive impact in the world, except for what I have to deal with in the backyard when I weed.

For me, it’s all about how I leverage the right type of resources and get other people to do the things that I don’t want to do. I’m having somebody come over, his name is Javier. He’s going to do weeding, I’m going to be happy, He’s going to be happy, and he’s going to make some money.

By the way, the time that I will spend not weeding, I will be productive for my companies, I will be supporting my teams, and I will be doing work that relates to growing the businesses. When it comes to doing the things that you don’t want to do, like weeding, be creative and find ways to utilize resources so that you can get it done without you having to do it.

That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill, weeding!

Hope you enjoyed it. I will see you all next week.

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