TMD: 3 Tricks to Not Compare Yourself With Others

TMD: 3 Tricks to Not Compare Yourself With Others

Two Minute Drill: 3 Tricks to Not Compare Yourself With Others

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is comparing ourselves to others and it is inspired by one of my favorite quotes said by the Hall of Fame running back Walter Peyton, “I don’t compare myself to others because I don’t want to limit myself.”


Don’t compare yourself to others

I love that quote and it stuck with me for my entire life. Sometimes, I find myself comparing myself to others. I think it’s fairly natural for that to happen for all of us, but there are some things that I do to fight back. I just want to share those so-called tricks with you guys.

  • Trick Number One

One way to get out of feeling bad, maybe about comparing yourself to someone else who you think has something better than you do, is to congratulate them on whatever that thing is. If you feel like someone has achieved a certain level of success say to them, “Man you have achieved so much great success! Congratulations! I really think that’s amazing and I’m so glad for you. I’m so happy for you.” At the end of the day, doing something nice for others just makes us feel good about ourselves.

  • Trick Number Two

It’s really important that we think about how we compete with ourselves as opposed to competing with others. We can essentially gamify this feeling of I want to be more successful. What are the steps I need to take in order to win the game? What can I control in my life, in my work, and my professional life in my personal life? What can I control that can move the needle for me and my level of happiness?

  • Trick Number Three

Owning our own journey! Like we are the only people that are experiencing our own journey. By the way, what stands in the way becomes the way. The fact that we can own and embrace our own journey, understand it, and then move the needle to do things and take control of the things that we can control helps us just get better and better and ultimately happier.

So, that’s this week’s two-minute drill. Don’t compare yourself to others!

Congratulate others, make sure that you compete with yourself only, and not with others, and own your own journey because what stands in the way becomes the way.

I will see you all next week.

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