Navigating The National: 10 Essential Tips for Every Chiropractor

Navigating The National: 10 Essential Tips for Every Chiropractor


Navigating The National: 10 Essential Tips for Every Chiropractor 

The National by FCA is more than a conference – it’s a goldmine of opportunities for chiropractic professionals eager to learn, grow, and network.

We have curated a list of 10 tips to ensure you tap into its full potential, Let’s dive in:


10. Learn about the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan

Since 2019, the chiropractic profession has created and has been executing the profession’s first-ever strategic plan. Attend the opening session on Friday and hear all about it!

9. Be Clear About Your Practice Goals

With an array of educational content and vendors, FCA National is a goldmine of resources. But to gain maximum value, clarity on your practice goals and needs is crucial.

Craft a list before the event to help you focus on relevant content and vendors that can help in reaching those objectives.

8. Schedule a Post-Event Team Meeting

The wealth of information you’ll gather at FCA National needs proper organization and application.

Schedule a team meeting after the event to discuss your learnings and chart a course for achieving your goals. This ensures the benefits of the conference extend beyond its duration.

7. Develop a Note-taking Strategy 

To remember critical points from sessions and interactions, a good note-taking strategy is essential.

Whether you prefer a notepad or computer, ensure your chosen method is convenient and efficient. Your notes will serve as valuable reference material for driving practice success.

6. Optimize Your Team’s Presence: 

If you’re bringing team members, plan your schedule and assign different activities to each person.

This “divide and conquer” approach guarantees extensive educational exposure and more substantial takeaways.

5. Give yourself time to check out all the vendors

Each year the FCA brings in amazing vendors that support our practices and the profession.

Set aside sufficient time to explore offerings from various vendors. These innovative products and services can provide the needed boost for your practice.

4. Network, Network, Network:

The National isn’t just about learning; it’s also about connecting. Maximize networking opportunities at meal times, social events, and between sessions.

These interactions can spark collaborations, idea-sharing, and lasting professional relationships that can have long-term benefits for you and your practice.

3. Pre-Plan Your Sessions

Some sessions at FCA National fill up quickly. To ensure your seat at your desired sessions, plan ahead and register early.

2. Attend the workshop on the Four Secrets of AI and Massive Practice Success

This workshop is designed to help those next-level thinking chiropractors grow their minds and their practices. Chat GPT, anyone? Not all prompts are created equally!

  1. Go to The Rocks Bar and let loose and mingle

It’s always a great time and it’s a fantastic way to connect with other like-minded chiropractors. Dr. Jay will see you there!!!

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TMD: Seven Safety Tips

TMD: Seven Safety Tips

Two Minute Drill: Seven Safety Tips

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill! Maybe happy is not the operative word because today what we are going to be talking about is being safe. This week’s two-minute drill is in honor of Dwayne Haskins.

Dwayne Haskins

Today I am wearing number seven in the Ohio State, scarlet and gray, to honor him. This weekend, Dwayne Haskins was hit by a dump truck while being pulled over on the side of a highway in Florida. I felt that it was important to share some of my thoughts about being safe.

So here they are, Seven of my top safety tips to keep yourself safe.

  • Safety tip #1: Stay the f*** off your phone while you’re driving.


  • Safety tip #2: Make sure that before you get out of your vehicle, you check your rear-view mirror and your side mirror to make sure that nothing is coming your way that can cause you harm.


  • Safety tip #3: Pay attention to not just the car in front of you, but what’s happening up ahead so that you can be prepared for what happens in front of you.


  • Safety tip #4: Even though you’ve got a green light, you always should take a quick glance to the right and to the left and make sure that nobody is running a red light.


  • Safety tip #5: If you get a flat tire and you’re on the highway, do whatever you can to get off the highway and onto a side road, because guess what? Rims can be replaced, but your life can’t.


  • Safety tip #6: If you’re on a scooter or a bike follow the street signs and the signals, otherwise you could end up roadkill.


  • Safety tip #7: When you’re at an intersection, you’re waiting at the curb, do me a favor, just stay 10, 12, 15 feet away from the actual street because these cars that are driving by, they could lose control, they could get hit by another car and they could kill you or your pet or the kids that are in your stroller.


So, stay away from the curb!
There you have it – all seven of my top safety tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


I’ll see y’all next week. Be safe.

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