TMD: Football Helmet Addict

TMD: Football Helmet Addict

Two Minute Drill: Football Helmet Addict


This week Dr. Jay is bringing you the Two Minute Drill from his basement, surrounded by A LOT of football helmets. These helmets are autographed by hall of fame players from the NFL. These are the inspiration for this week’s TMD, where Dr. Jay is talking about what it takes to build winning teams.


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Combination of talent and commitment

What does it take to build a winning team? The combination of talent and commitment.

We are always looking for talent but many times what trumps talent is the commitment to do whatever it takes to win. When we bring people into the organization you can feel their commitment.

You can see their talent but can feel their commitment. When people don’t share the same level of commitment that you have for your practice and patients you can feel it. When that happens it’s time to make a decision to help move them on to their next best position.

When you bring someone into your organization with talent and commitment, follow the steps discussed in the webinar in order to help them achieve their best self which helps you achieve your best practice

If you missed the June Masterclass on how you can build locker room leaders you can watch it here, as well as any of our other Masterclasses.

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