TMD: My Father’s 90th Birthday

TMD: My Father’s 90th Birthday

Two Minute Drill: My Father’s 90th Birthday


This week I am coming to you from Huntington Beach, California. I was here this weekend because we were celebrating my father’s 90th birthday. And so, today’s topic of conversation is about recognition.


Recognizing him! Appreciating him!

We were in Huntington Beach, California this weekend. It was great. We celebrated our father’s 90th birthday. We had a great birthday dinner and got to spend a lot of quality time with him. One of the best memories of this weekend was being able to sit at the dinner table and everybody going around the table and just recognizing him, appreciating him for the great man that he is.

I really wanted to focus on one thing, his inner strength! The man has tremendous inner strength. He survived esophageal cancer, not many people do that, he survived prostate cancer, and he survived COVID at 89, almost 90 years old. I wanted to look him in the eye and recognize him and tell him how much I appreciated that about him, and what a great example it sets currently and will set for the rest of my life. It was a great moment. I’ll never forget it. I’ll also never forget the other great things that were said about him around that table.

In fact, the theme around today is recognition. We’re in the holiday season, let’s make sure that we recognize the ones that we love, and also at work, it’s really important to recognize the great teams that we have, the great people that we have who help us move our mission and our vision forward.

What’s really interesting is what are the most important questions on an employee engagement survey? The really most validated employee engagement survey is called the Q12. The question is, I have received recognition from my boss in the last seven days. So, if you haven’t appreciated someone in the last seven days, either in your personal life or in your professional life, do it! It will make them feel good. It will make you feel good and you will just live a healthier, happier life that way. So, the theme this week is all about recognition.

Enjoy the holidays, Merry Christmas, happy holidays.

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