TMD: Engage With Empathy

TMD: Engage With Empathy

Two Minute Drill: Engage With Empathy

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is engagement with empathy. For so many years early and even kind of midway through my leadership journey, I would deal with really challenging and troubling times, and a dictator-like approach. And when things didn’t go well, I would even react with discipline, a disciplinary tone.


Don’t Be a Dictator

You probably know that approach does not work, so I will share it with you. Not only does it kill relationships with your team members, but it also kills the entire culture of the organization.

What I have learned through many failures, trials, tribulations, lots of reading, lots of learning, and lots of mentoring from some great coaches like Jeff Lecher, is that the most important thing I can do is engage with my team with empathy.

When you hire the right people, in the right seats, doing the right work in the right way, at the right time. When there are challenging times that are occurring, they are suffering just like you are. It is our role as leaders to engage with them with empathy.

How does that help? Well, first and foremost, it helps them understand where they are coming from, and what they are dealing with at that moment. Two, what that does, is build a stronger connection with you as a leader and help them feel safe. Three, all of that helps to provide a culture of problem-solving, the ability to not worry as much, and focus on solving the problems at hand.

Again, I highly recommend that when you are dealing with challenging times in your business or your practice, engage with your team with empathy, understand where they are coming from, connect with them, and then make sure that you focus on the solutions at hand and have as much fun as you can. That will also lighten the mood and help you engage your team in the most meaningful way possible.

That is this week’s Two Minute Drill. Have a great week.

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TMD: Leadership Style of Moses

TMD: Leadership Style of Moses

Two Minute Drill: Leadership Style of Moses


This week is Passover, which has Dr. Jay is talking all about the leadership style of Moses. According to rabbinical experts, there are three important character traits that Moses had as a great leader. Watch this week’s Two Minute Drill to hear what those characteristics are and see where Dr. Jay is bringing you this week’s TMD from.


Being a great leader


According to rabbinical experts who studied the Book of Exodus and evaluated Moses’ leadership style, there are three important character traits he had as a great leader:

    • An amazing sense of justice – he carried out that sense of justice regardless of consequences
    • He put the needs of his people before his own needs, creating admiration and respect.
    • Always remained positive, even when having to undergo unbelievably hard circumstances

As a leader in your practice, remember these three things: justice, putting the needs of others before your own, and remaining positive no matter the circumstances. Take this information and apply it in your practices and your life, and your life will be that much better.


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TMD: Sometimes Sh*t Happens

TMD: Sometimes Sh*t Happens

Two Minute Drill: Sometimes Sh*t Happens


Saturday Dr. Jay got a call from his clinic director, colleague, and friend of 19 years,  Dr. Allen Huffman. He texted and called him to let me know that a pipe burst above our unit and there was water everywhere. Watch this week’s TMD to hear about how Dr. Huffman is an example of a true locker room leader and how sometimes sh*t happens and you have to put a smile on your face, figure out what needs to get done, and move forward.


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Water Everywhere

Saturday morning Dr. Jay got a text from his clinic director, colleague, and friend of 19 years, Dr. Allen Huffman. He texted and called him to let me know that a pipe burst above our unit and there was water everywhere in the unit. He told me exactly what was going to happen next to fix the situation. Dr. Allen got this info at 7 am, got out of his home several towns over, drove to the clinic on a Saturday, and was able to tell me what happened.

Dr. Allen is a true locker room leader. He takes extreme ownership of his clinic. When I thanked him, he said, of course, it is my clinic. Of course, I’m going to come down and check it out and inform you of what is going on.

The reason we are sharing is this story is because on Tuesday, June 15 we are having a webinar about creating locker room leaders.

How do we do that? How can you create locker room leaders in your organization?

    • First – make sure you are really clear about who you are, what you believe, and how you behave as a company. Be very clear about the mission statement and core values
    • Second – have to bring the right people on to your bus who actually align with your mission and core values
    • Third – you have to support them in ways that help drive their personal professional and financially growth

These 3 things are critical in order to keep someone like Dr. Huffman for 19 years.

We are going to dive into how you can build locker room leaders deep on Tuesday, June 15. We’ll be talking about how to create not just individual contributors, but leverage contributors. This means creating leaders who can lead others.


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TMD: Piggly Wiggly

TMD: Piggly Wiggly

Two Minute Drill: Piggly Wiggly


Have you seen the Piggly Wiggly shirt Dr. Jay likes to wear? There is a story behind it! Listen to this week’s TMD to hear how the Piggly Wiggly grocery store chain is a true innovator in grocery shopping.


Grocery Innovation

The Piggly Wiggly was a huge innovator in grocery shopping. Clarence Saunders founded the Piggly Wiggly in 1916 in Memphis, TN. The way people were shopping at the time was incredibly inefficient. They would hand their list to a clerk, who would run around the store and get their stuff for them. He said we are not doing this anymore. We are going to do self-services, checkout lines, and pricing on all the products.

He was truly an innovator who changed grocery shopping forever and ever. Plus he had the best name for a grocery store on the planet. So the Piggly Wiggly was truly the innovation in grocery shopping

When we think about innovation and how we are able to change the game, especially for healthcare and for our patients, we have to think about our team members that we have as well. I’m sure Clarence had some great people on his team to help his company grow nationwide

What about your practice? What about your organization? Who are the people that you have in your seats on your bus helping you achieve your mission?

We’ll be talking about that a lot on June 15 at 1:30p Masterclass Webinar all about leaders in the locker room. How we bring the best people into the locker room, and how we support them to help you achieve your mission. We’ll be talking a little bit more about the Piggly Wiggly and a lot about how to create success for your practice and your life.

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TMD: I’m fat #AF

TMD: I’m fat #AF

Two Minute Drill: I’m fat #AF


This week’s TMD is an extension of last week’s discussion about connecting with your peers. Dr. Jay is talking about how he is fat #AF right now (it’s ok he said it, not us) and how connecting with his peers is helping him do something about it.


Accountability Group

In this week’s video, Dr. Jay talks about how he is 10 lbs overweight and how in a recent discussion with his peers they talked about fitness levels, dealing with stress, and maintaining fitness. He and his peers decided to challenge each other and agreed that they were all going to work out at least 3 times a week.

This accountability group inspired him, made him accountable, and motivated him to actually make sure he worked out 3 times a week. Even when we think we are intrinsically motivated sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes you need that group of peers to motivate you.

Here is a suggestion for you:

    1. Set a target or goal.
    2. Tell a couple of friends your goal and have them share theirs with you so you are accountable to each other.
    3. If you stumble, don’t give up. If you miss a day or a week, don’t give up. Just get back on track and make those tiny little atomic habits big over time.

Keep watching and maybe next month Dr. Jay will share an update on his weight loss journey.

Now we are all his accountability partners.

We want to hear what you are working on. Share with us on our Facebook page who your accountability partners are and what goal you are working toward.


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TMD: Turn Your Brain Off

TMD: Turn Your Brain Off

Two Minute Drill: Turn Your Brain Off


Where in the world is Dr. Jay this week? Watch this week’s TMD to see where he spent the weekend and his message on giving your brain a break so you can get into the highest state of flow.


Go do something for yourself

The last couple of weeks we have talked about stepping out of your comfort zone and the importance of messaging over and over the same thing so people hear it in a different context. This week is something different, it’s not really about business or personal development. It’s about making sure you take some time out to take care of yourself.

As entrepreneurs we are working our butts off, working days/nights/weekends. We never stop working. We can get a little bit burnout or stale sometimes. The business and personal development literature have both shown it is really important to take time off. You have to stop working, shut your computer, and go do something for yourself. Try hanging out at a new place or visit a favorite old place, hang out with family/friends/kids/pets, whatever brings you joy. It is important you take some time out and refresh so when you get back to your business you can be in the highest state of flow because you’ve given your brain a break

This week’s challenge: find some time and give your brain a break. Go have some fun. Go out. Enjoy life. That’s why we work so hard so we can have the freedom to enjoy our lives

We want to hear what you are doing. Share with us on our Facebook page all of the great things you are doing this week to take care of yourself and enjoy life.


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