TMD: Translating Service Excellence

TMD: Translating Service Excellence

Two Minute Drill: Translating Service Excellence


Dr. Jay’s good friend, coach, and mentor Jeff Lesher reached out last week and asked him to dig deeper on service excellence, as context is everything. What people feel with service excellence is what matters. In this week’s Two Minute Drill he is sharing an exercise we did with our team to help them understand their past service experiences and how they can translate them into practice on a daily basis.


This week’s challenge


This week’s challenge is for you to meet with your team and ask them 3 simple questions. Make sure you have them write down their answers and then discuss as a group.

    • What was your best service experience you ever had in your life?
    • How did that make you feel?
    • How can we translate the experience and the feeling into our practice on a consistent basis?

Some people my have a hard time identifying their favorite experience. Why is that important? Because if they haven’t had a remarkable experience, it is that much harder for them to create one for others. If they can hear from you and others on their team, it will help them translate and make sense of it to help deliver greater service excellence to your patients.

A lot of companies are average at best, you just need to be a little better than most and you will create a remarkable experience for your patients. Remember, answering these three simple questions will help you come up with a strategy to help deliver service excellence every day.


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