TMD: It’s Not Either-Or, It’s Both

TMD: It’s Not Either-Or, It’s Both


Two Minute Drill: It’s Not Either-Or, It’s Both

What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is convergent decision-making. In the last couple of days, I’ve had meetings with my tech team and also individual meetings with folks on the team. What was happening is that there were some different opinions about what needed to happen next.


Making Decisions That Stick


In summary, one opinion was, “speed, speed, speed”, let’s not wait for these other product enhancements. The other opinion was that we need this particular product enhancement if we’re actually going to get to the next level of implementation. Okay, cool, it seemed like two different opinions, and in my brain, I could not make sense of it all.

I called my very good friend, my coach, and my mentor, Jeff Lesher. We had a conversation about it yesterday, and he said, “Look, it’s not a matter of which, it’s just a matter of how. How can both things essentially get done at the same time?” And for me, I just had this cognitive dissonance where I couldn’t kind of put those two things together, but in speaking with him, he made it really clear that if I ask the right questions, and then, with those answers, set the right expectations around how something could get done, where we could have both speed and the enhancements done, and set a timeframe for it, a clear expectation, then maybe both sides of my brain and both sides of this issue will win.

It’s all about creating convergent decision-making as opposed to divergent decision-making, which means only one of these decisions wins.

It was super helpful for me. Thank you, Jeff. I really appreciate this. I told you; you were going to be the focus of my Two Minute Drill this week.

For all of you who are dealing with decisions that may seem to be divergent, it’s either one choice or another. Find ways to ask the questions where those two things can converge, and you, your team, and your patients can win.

That’s this week’s TMD, guys. Have a great week. Talk to you all next week.


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