TMD: A Boss or a Coach?

TMD: A Boss or a Coach?

Two Minute Drill:

A Boss or A Coach?

What’s up Kaizenovators! It’s week two of 2022 and this week’s topic of conversation is about transitioning from Boss to Coach. Check out this week’s Two Minute Drill to hear what my inspiration for this week’s topic was.

Am I a boss, or am I a coach?

My buddy Larry Fundler, who was a guest on one of my two-minute drills, sent me an email because he just listened to a program that was delivered to him at his company. He took some notes and sent them to me and I love them!

Here are some notes:

  • A boss leads by directing, by focusing on tasks and outcomes by seldom asking questions, and generally hears but doesn’t really listen.
  • A coach leads by having open discussions and asking questions by individualizing leadership, focusing on the performance and growth of the employee, and by listening to understand. Employees want to be coached. Employees crave ongoing feedback and communication to be held accountable. They respond positively to transparency from leadership and have the opportunity to learn and grow.

I thought those notes were fantastic. I’ve been in several conversations recently with different practice owners and it’s interesting to hear how different owners respond to different stresses that exist in their world. Some respond more like boss’s, authoritarian, and some really understand the nuances of being a great leader, which ultimately means being a great coach. So, this week, I want you to ask yourself that question:  Am I a boss, or am I a coach?

If you’re leaning more towards the coaching side, I would say that you probably have a great advantage over just being someone who is a boss.

Lastly, it is my boy Larry’s birthday today, please give him a shout-out and wish him a happy birthday.

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