TMD: Be Your Most Authentic BEST Self

TMD: Be Your Most Authentic BEST Self

Two Minute Drill: Be Your Most Authentic BEST Self

In This week’s TMD I am coming to you from Daytona Beach, Florida. Tomorrow, I am speaking at Palmer, Florida to the students around the leadership mindset. This week’s message is going to be almost the flip side of the coin to last week’s about being your most authentic self. This week is about being your most Authentic BEST self.

What Could Go Wrong

A quick little story, Sunday night, I usually take CBD to go to bed. I was attempting to take some, I had a little dropper, I put the dropper in the bottle, and then nothing came out. I had a little bit left in the bottle so I decided to just swallow the whole thing. I realized that the swig was pretty big and I am sitting there with the CBD in my mouth and I am like should I swallow it? Should I spit it out? What should I do? And I just said, you know what, what could go wrong? I am just going to swallow it.

About an hour later I am staring at the ceiling thinking about all the areas of my life that I am not being well in. it was one of those “paranoid moments”. I have never had that experience with CBD before, but then, of course, I have never done a swig of CBD. Long story short, I made a list on my phone of areas where I needed to make improvements, and also how I had to have conversations with people specifically on my team and in my personal life about how I can do better.

So the message for this week is, in continuation of being our most authentic self, find ways to really dig deep and find areas of opportunity for improvement. Whether in your professional lives or in your personal lives, or a combination of both.

I am still on this journey this week of having conversations but dig deep, find ways that you can improve, and be your most authentic best self.

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