TMD: Finding My Personal Balance in Middleburg

TMD: Finding My Personal Balance in Middleburg

Two Minute Drill: Finding My Personal Balance in Middleburg

What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is work-life balance. Today I’m coming to you from beautiful Middleburg, Virginia, at the Salamander Resort. I decided that I was just going to drive here, get some work done, and take my TMD. 



From Desk to Countryside…


I was asked on a survey, how do I manage work-life balance?

I think the answer is not very well…

I don’t know if I’ve mastered this concept of work-life balance. I don’t even know if I completely understand it either, but I will say this, I love what I do and I want to create a great impact on the world.  

At the same time, I also know there are probably some other deeper-seated psychological reasons why I do the things that I do, that go beyond just my love for chiropractic and my love for healthcare technology, that I’m still working on trying to figure out. 

If I were to answer that question about work-life balance, I would say that I do try and take some time for myself. Like, today, part of me was saying, don’t take an hour to drive out to Middleburg, Virginia, because that’s an hour of time and then it’s an hour back and you’re going to lose two hours. 

Well, what I did is I listened to a podcast on the way out here and I’ll listen to a different one on the way back, and that way I’m maximizing my time.  

I’m trying to learn, but I’m also trying to experience just driving through Virginia, to the countryside, and seeing all this beautiful land that we have out here.  

That’s just one example; another example is yesterday, I shut my computer down after about five hours of work and I just watched football because I love college football.

I think each of us has to find our own way to create a work-life balance. I will say that probably the best way to do that is to think about carving out a specific time for people and the things that you love. 

If you love working, great but also make sure you take a break because science is pretty clear – If we’re working all the time, we’re not nearly as effective as if we take some breaks. 

Take some time and just let your minds unwind. 

So, work-life balance from Middleburg, Virginia.  

That is this week’s Two Minute Drill and I will talk to y’all next week. 


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