TMD: Bad Behavior

TMD: Bad Behavior

Two Minute Drill: Bad Behavior

Today’s topic of conversation is about bad behavior. Dr. Jay is a HUGE Ohio State University fan and so this weekend’s football game is the inspiration for this week’s Two Minute Drill. Make sure you listen until the very end as Dr. Jay also included a little bonus about his trip to Sicily at the request of a few friends.


People forgive, but don’t forget

Dr. Jay has had a few moments of bad behavior in his life, mostly in college but maybe a little bit in his later adulthood. No one is perfect, however, Saturday’s incident at the Ohio State football game is the inspiration for this week’s Two Minute Drill.

On Saturday K’Vaughan Pope, a senior linebacker for Ohio State decided he was going to quit the team, throw his equipment (his gloves specifically) into the stands, and then send out two tweets to the universe. One was “F*CK Ohio State” and the second one was “good luck to my teammates”. Now, he has subsequently apologized, and he also said in his apology that he was going to be working on his mental health and we appreciate that. We don’t know what he was going through or what his experience has been like at Ohio State. What we do believe is that people will often forgive but they rarely forget. So, his ability to go into the transfer portal and find another team or another coach that sees this behavior and says, “I don’t know if I want that on my team” could be a problem for him.

So, when we think about this in terms of our leadership skills, capabilities, or even our leadership faux pas, when run into a situation that makes our heads want to spin like the exorcist there are a couple of things we can do to prevent us from having bad behavior that people will often forgive but rarely forget.

Take a deep breath, walk away from the situation. Go into your car and close the doors and windows and scream as loud you need to (we’ve done that several times) but do something that doesn’t create a bad behavior memory. It will save you a lot of humiliation and a lot of apologies and a lot of regret in the future.

That’s today’s topic for the Two Minute Drill. Let’s minimize the bad behavior so we don’t have to worry about the apology, the forgiveness, and people not forgetting.


This is a special bonus section. A request from Dr. Jay’s very close friend who wanted him to comment on his time in Sicily. “It was a great experience, beautiful country, food was incredible, wine was fantastic, views were amazing, and it was not that expensive. One thing that I will share with you if you are going to go, try and check out the north coast, the east coast, and the southwest coast. Just see the whole island because it is truly a beautiful place. Of all the places we went to, Ortigia was my favorite. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, had a great room, great views, and just enjoyed ourselves. If anyone is interested in going to Sicily, reach out to me. I’d be happy to share all the places we went to with you, so you can enjoy them too.”

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