TMD: Happy Anniversary Kaizenovators

TMD: Happy Anniversary Kaizenovators


Two Minute Drill: Happy Anniversary Kaizenovators

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of your conversation is Happy Anniversary. On April 14th, in just a few days, it will be the fourth anniversary of Kaizenovate. It just got me thinking about what happened over the last four years. Five years ago, if somebody said you’d be the CEO of a technology startup, I would’ve been like, what are you smoking?

Our Fourth Anniversary 

Here we are four years later, and I’m proud of three things. The first thing that I’m proud of is that we’re still here. We’ve survived! Some other companies have kind of been in our space that have not survived. Just surviving itself is a win.

The second thing I’m proud of is the service my team provides. They are just remarkable. We get a lot of feedback on just how great my people are. The service they provide, this technology, sometimes shit goes awry and my team always steps up and does whatever we can to make it right, and so I’m really proud of that.

The third thing that I’m proud of is our evolution. We were not stagnant and we are never going to be stagnant in the spirit of our name, Kaizenovate. It’s all about continuous improvement through innovation. We’ve invested a lot of time, money, blood, sweat, tears, and stress. Reinvested into continuing to iterate and evolve our platform so that we can create a really substantial impact in the world.

I’m really excited about that and that’s what really keeps me going because it’s a grind and it is difficult and it is stressful, but I work with amazing people and that’s what makes it all worthwhile, the impact and the people.


Thank you to all of our customers who have been on this journey with us, you make it all worthwhile, you’re the best, we love working with you guys, and we’re looking forward to more impact and more fun together as time goes on.


That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill. You all have a great week.

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