Mobile App Improves Treatment Adherence Success in Patients, Groundbreaking Tech Study Finds

Mobile App Improves Treatment Adherence Success in Patients, Groundbreaking Tech Study Finds

Effect of a Mobile Health App on Adherence to Physical Health Treatment: Retrospective Analysis

A groundbreaking tech study by Kaizenovate has found that chiropractic and physiotherapy patients were more likely to adhere to their prescribed treatment plans when using the Kanvas App, than patients who did not download the app. In multiple studies, treatment adherence success has been shown to improve patient outcomes. The introduction of this digital accountability partner will revolutionize musculoskeletal health.

Healthcare providers have long struggled with patients not adhering to prescribed therapy which includes not attending scheduled clinic visits (no-show appointments range from 19 – 42%) or prematurely terminating treatment against the advice of their provider (self-discharge).

A first-of-its-kind study by Kaizenovate has proven that technology can step in to fill this gap, with digital health interventions like the newly developed Kanvas App significantly improving the treatment adherence success rate in chiropractic and physiotherapy patients.

Improving healthcare through technology, Kaizenovate developed the Kanvas App to support patients in their adherence to chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment plans. In addition to providing scheduling requests and patients’ specific home exercise video library, the platform promotes patient engagement through gamification, providing points every time a patient attends their visits, which can be redeemed for healthcare products and services designed to maximize patient outcomes.

“A patient’s adherence to the recommendations of their healthcare provider is the primary determinant of treatment success, often critical when the prescribed healthcare treatment involves chiropractic and physiotherapy to treat acute, subacute, and chronic musculoskeletal pain,” said Dr. Jay Greenstein, CEO of Kaizenovate.

Recently published by JMIR, the Kanvas App was the basis of the Kaizenovate study, which proved that it could drive significantly greater care plan adherence for those who utilized the app.

The study compared adherence to prescribed physical health treatment among more than 4,000 patients attending multiple chiropractic rehabilitation clinics who did and did not choose to adopt a mobile app to complement their treatment.

Patients who downloaded the mobile app exhibited greater rates of completing their prescribed therapy visits than patients who did not download the app.

For patients who self discharged from care, the Kanvas App users had greater adherence to the treatment plans, with an increase of kept prescribed visits at 70% more than those who did not download the app.

Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments have had historically low patient adherence rates. Digital accountability will revolutionize the industry and elevate the success rate for patients and providers alike.

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The full study is available at https://rehab.jmir.org/2021/4/e31213/#ref1

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