Retention Revolution

Five Key Steps to Drive Patient Retention

Here is the perfect guideline for chiropractors to drive patient retention

Dr. Jay has observed steps to drive patient retention and outlined the 5 most critical steps in detail in the Retention Revolution guide.

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Retention Revolution

In order for Doctors of Chiropractic to get the best outcomes for their patients and to turn them into raving fans, providers and patients must work together to ensure care plan adherence. There are fundamental process steps that support patient outcomes and practice income and I wanted to share those key steps. Learning and applying these five steps can improve your result, so dive in and let’s get to work!” – Dr. Jay Greenstein

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“Jay Greenstein is one of the most well-respected thought leaders in our profession. He has led countless organizations and our entire profession toward a brighter future.

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“Dr. Jay’s Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework training is powerful. The modules and concepts were easy to digest. What I found most valuable was when he talked about growth, investing in your team, and building the right culture.”

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“Jay Greenstein is a bright star among chiropractic entrepreneurs. He was a master of Salesforce and EOS/Traction before most entrepreneurs were even aware that they existed.”

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“Dr. Jay Greenstein is one of the most creative chiropractors of our time. Jay is smart and talented in a wide range of subjects, especially the chiropractic perspective. Never invisible in the crowd.”

Some of the secrets you’ll learn inside the Retention Revolution


Secret #1

How to track and understand your data


Secret #2

How to communicate with your patient about their goals.

Secret #3

The importance of using an Evidence-Based Report of Findings

Secret #4

How to create a remarkable patient experience

Secret #5

The importance of using technology in your practice
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