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Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework

Mark Sanna, DC, ACRB Level II, FICC

President, Breakthrough Coaching

“Jay Greenstein is a bright star among chiropractic entrepreneurs. He was a master of Salesforce and EOS/Traction before most entrepreneurs were even aware that they existed. His experience in owning and managing one of the most successful healthcare practices in the country has provided him with a depth of real-world practical knowledge. His passion for the chiropractic profession is highlighted by his support of evidence-based chiropractic research and guidelines, as well as his countless hours of volunteered service. If you’re ready to take your practice and leadership skills to the next level, this course is your opportunity to learn from the master.”

Dr. Kris Anderson

President, North Dakota Chiropractic Association
2019 Chiropractor of the Year, North Dakota Chiropractic Association
Secretary, Clinical Compass

“In Adam Grant’s bestselling book, Give and Take, he describes what he calls givers, takers, and matchers. Surprisingly, givers are the most successful leaders, and there is no doubt that Dr. Jay Greenstein is that type of person!

In this course, Dr. Jay is meeting you where you are and giving you everything he can to help you get to where you want to be in practice and life. And, he isn’t just repackaging the programs and lessons you’ve heard before because he is constantly pushing himself and the profession to find and adopt innovations. He is also a great example of how we can all do better when we default to action. So take action now on this great opportunity to learn from one of the best!”

Dr. Ron Farabaugh

Vice President/National Physical Medical Director, AMI
Past Chair, Clinical Compass
Consultant, Coach, Speaker

“I’ve known Dr. Jay Greenstein for nearly 20 years and have come to truly appreciate his passion for not just chiropractic, but for the business of chiropractic.

Jay realized early in his career that one can be a great clinician but still struggle, even fail, if attention is not placed on organizing the business side of office systems. As a coach and mentor Dr. Jay can assist you in developing policies and procedures which produce consistent results thereby maximizing profitability. But he does it through the lens of quality, safety, and outcomes-driven patient care. Jay places the patient first, always. His command of rehab and sports chiropractic in combination with his business skills makes him unique in chiropractic.

I learn from Dr. Jay every time we talk. Not only is he one of the most sought-after speakers in the chiropractic industry, but he is respected in the field of research, politics, and collaborative care. If you are looking to organize and boost your practice, lower stress, and become more profitable, pay attention to this chiropractic superstar!”

Dr. Tim Bertelsman, DC, CCSP, DACO

Founder, ChiroUp
Founder, Premier Rehab
ICS Executive Board President
2019 Chiropractic Physician of the Year Award

“Jay Greenstein is one of the most well-respected thought leaders in our profession. He has led countless organizations and our entire profession toward a brighter future. He combines insight from the top as well as real-world, in-the-trenches experience about how to build a highly efficient, scalable evidence-based practice. All of us are very fortunate for this opportunity to put his unique knowledge into action.”

Dr. Kevin Christie

CEO, Modern Chiropractic Marketing and Chiropractic Success Academy
Founder, Health-Fit Chiropractic and Sports Recovery

“Often chiropractors think all you need is to be a good clinician to have a thriving practice. The reality is, that is just the table stakes. You also need to understand business, team, and culture development in your practice. Kaizenovate’s Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework teaches you a step-by-step process to transform your practice into a thriving business that helps serve your community and keep you fascinated and motivated about being a chiropractic entrepreneur.”

Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

President, American Chiropractic Association Rehab Council

“Dr. Jay Greenstein is one of the most creative chiropractors of our time. He’s a practitioner, speaker, author, board officer, businessman, entrepreneur, and generally wonderful person. Jay is smart and talented about a wide range of subjects especially the chiropractic perspective. Never invisible in the crowd. He’s known on a national and international level – he can help you define your life and spread your excellent work. It seems that, among Chiropractors he is risen to the top, he’s one of those oracles, without the witchy edge. The trendy term ‘life coach’ isn’t quite it. He’s a great listener and a sounding board.

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When I saw him do interviews, I said you should do more of that. When I see him lecture I say you should do more of that. When we go out to dinner I say I wish we had more time together.

Although I have not seen the full program yet, I know he put together a program that will be a fast positive way to help you alter your business patterns of behavior, your actions, and thinking. He’s great at explaining the research that supports this work. Bottom line, Jay is about helping others reach their highest creative potential.

He is honest and hardworking. He has made friends with his inner salesperson. Lots of integrity with Jay. Beyond tricks and techniques. He really wants to make a personal connection. He does it with a good mix of a little bit of pushing people and a lot about helping people.

I always tell my students, “Follow and learn from people with a proven formula, take advantage of the time, efforts and costs they will save you”. I know Jay, he’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process.”

Dr. Matthew Loop

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Dr. Jay is one of the smartest business minds in the profession. His Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework training is powerful. The modules and concepts were easy to digest.

What I found most valuable was when he talked about growth, investing in your team, and building the right culture. The data, quizzes and methods he shares are really valuable.

This is the type of information we should’ve learned in school but didn’t. Every DC needs this foundation.”


“Dr. Jay Greenstein has spent his career designing what GREAT looks like. In his program he speaks about this as well as many other components that are essential for your success. The modules are thorough, yet concise enough to keep your interest and leave you wanting to get through just one more. Although geared for the Chiropractic doctor, this program really lends itself to any and all professions.

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Many of my mentors throughout my career have taught me to surround myself with others in business who are either more successful than I am or have a skill set that I do not possess so that I can learn from them. Dr. Greenstein is one of those people. We have presented around the country together and are great friends but from a business perspective he is one I not only trust, but I get excited to work on projects with. He thinks all the time…he analyzes, picks apart, asks questions, challenges and formulates ideas constantly that will help you grow as a person and a professional.

Being an entrepreneur and consultant, I watched his program with a critical eye and was thrilled to see him create a clean and easy formula for success. There are so many tools in this program. Besides the videos he provides valuable worksheets, references, recommendations, and asks though provoking questions. That alone is worth obtaining a copy. He packages decades of reading, knowledge and experience for you to experience without decades of effort on your part. I was also thrilled to reexamine parts of my business in order to constantly make improvements. He is fun to watch, interesting to listen to and needs to be part of your references that you use to move through any project or business. Don’t wait. Watch him, learn, question, challenge and grow.”

Dr. Ronda Sharman, DC

Past President of the Maryland Chiropractic Association
2011 Chiropractor of the Year, Maryland Chiropractic Association

“I have known Dr. Jay Greenstein for over 15 years (correct if you think it has been 20). As long as I have known him, he has always been ahead of the curve in everything he does. I have actually joked that when it comes to best practices in our profession, I watch what Jay does and then myself and others get around to implementing those things years later. Meanwhile, he was usually the pioneer working the kinks out of the newest and most progressive ideas, making it easier for us when we were ready to confront these new things.

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I have watched him as a leader in our profession sharing his knowledge and experience in evidenced based practices, chiropractic research, organizational development, and personal growth.

One very endearing thing about Jay is that he genuinely wants to see his peers succeed and to help them grow. He is extremely generous with his time and expertise. Over the years, I have reached out to him personally for an opinion or advice about my own practice and he was heartfelt, authentic, wise and most importantly, impactful in the help he provided me.

I have also worked with Jay on projects within our State Associations as well as National Organizations. In those arenas, he always shines as a leader and an inspiration as well as someone committed to getting results. I am so excited that Jay has put together this Academy so more people can have access to his unique expertise and insight.”


Kanvas App Development

Dr. Sam Rassoul

Shin Wellness

“It’s been phenomenal in regards to saying “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you guys have your own app. That’s so cool. I can track my visits. I can do this. I can do that.” so I’m actually really, really excited about how far we can take this.”

Dr. steve trauben

King Street Wellness

“I love this app. This app is amazing. I work hours and hours and hours with John to customize this app to exactly how I wanted to have this app, and I think this app is a portrayal of me and the practice and what we want to portray. So when you walk into the practice, what you see is professionalism and expertise, and that’s what I believe the app shows as well. I’m so happy with how it turned out. My app may look different than your app, your app may look different than mine – it’s very customized.”


Dr. Bibhu Misra

OM Center

“First, I just wanna say that the app adds a WOW factor. It brings us into the 21st century. It makes us unique. There’s not very many doctors that have their own apps – and the way that Kaizenovate makes your app for you makes it seem like its your own personal app that you’ve created – and in a way, it is, because what we’ve done is we’ve integrated different parts of what we do into the different pages of the app and it’s really streamlined our ability to process patients, give patients the information they need, and just help keep them engaged.”

Dr. Todd Askenas

Askenas Chiropractic

“I think the app, personally, makes you A. Cutting edge, B. Makes the compliance much better, and C. It gives you such a tech advantage and gives you so much legitimacy.”

Dr. Alan Sokloff

Two-Time Winning Super Bowl Chiropractor, Baltimore Ravens

“Our Kanvas APP has been a game changer in our office. It has allowed us to utilize technology that we normally would not be able to afford, in a way that is customized to our office.

It has been a great way to provide ‘added value’ to the patient, as well as create incredible value to our clinic and staff.

Thank you and your staff for all your work and continued work as the Kanvas APP and its potential continues to grow!”

Ray Foxworth

Owner, Foxworth Chiropractic
CEO, ChiroHealthUSA

“The app that the team at Kaizenovate made for my practice has FAR more functionality than I could have wished for. The team took our ideas, brought them to life, and then took it to another level…

…If you want to help keep patients on track with their care, stimulate new referrals to the clinic, patient payment and scheduling options, exercises, store fronts and even more, there’s an APP for that!

…Dr. Jay and his team have been awesome to work with and there is no doubt this will keep us in the forefront of our patients and the general public’s mind. Great job to the team at Kaizenovate!”

Julianne Misra

Business Manager
The OM Center Chiropractic & Wellness

“Get ready! This is the future of practice management. The clinic APP has literally REVOLUTIONIZED our practice.!!! As a Chiropractic Practice Manager for more than 15 years I can attest this app saves us time, energy, makes us money and simplifies all we do for our patients. Call it a practice manager in your pocket!

With a click patients can:

• Request appointments. 24/7! (Not just when your office is open).

• Pay their bills 24/7!!! Thank you $$

• Review and do their exercises from home. We averaged 10-15 users a day during the lockdown.

• Purchase products we recommend. We don’t have the overhead, clutter, inventory theft, or missed charges!

• Earn Rewards – Who doesn’t love a freebie! The app tracks visits and rewards patients for their loyalty.

We have found patients are more compliant in adhering to their care plans, doing their exercise, engage us more, and are so grateful for this technology. It has increased our PVA! The best part, it looks like OUR own custom app! Want something more? The Kaizo team quickly adapts the app to meet your clinic needs and seeks your feedback to continue to make it even better. This is easily the best investment we’ve made in 15 years! Thanks, Dr. Jay and Kaizo Team!”

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