There’s a Better Way to Retain Patients

You don’t want to lose your current patients and your patients don’t want to relapse. Kanvas App can help you increase your patient visit average and keep patients engaged throughout their recovery journey. Everybody wins!

Build PX your patients can’t find anywhere else 

We’re all about patient experience (PX). Let us help you

Elevate Patient Experience

Give patients a virtual coach with personalized home exercise videos.

Increase Treatment Plan Adherence

Reward patients for attending their scheduled appointments. Our rewards system has proven to increase patient visit average.

Increase Revenue

In addition to realizing the lifetime value of curent patients, your practice can earn revenue through an online affiliate store with all your recomended products.

Differentiate Your Brand

Put your best foot forward with a custom-branded app that will surely impress your patients. Plus, invite patients to share their review on google and Facebook.

Patients App Key features


Gamify your patient experience with our proven rewards platform. For every 12 kept visits, a patient can redeem a reward that perfectly complements their treatment. Some of our most popular rewards include CLX Resistance Bands and Biofreeze.


Let your patients do the marketing for you. Kanvas App asks patients to review your practice and share their opinion on Google and Facebook, the first places new patients look when searching for chiropractic.

Online Scheduling

Gone are the days of needing to pick up a phone to request an appointment. Kanvas App make it easy for patients to schedule a visit that works best for calendar.

Affiliate Store

Patients might need to buy products to help them through rehab. Now your practice can make a little extra money each time a patient buys one of your recommended products.

Home Exercises

Never print a home exercise guide again! WebExercises integrates perfectly with Kanvas to provide each patient with a customized set of prescribed exercise videos.

Custom App

Have another service like massage or acupuncture in your practice? Want to make new patient onboarding a breeze? Have a blog you want to share with patients? The possibilities to customize are endless with Kanvas App.


  • 1 DEMO We analyse your problem and develop a strategy
  • 2 Payment We analyse your problem and develop a strategy
  • 3 Customize We analyse your problem and develop a strategy
  • 4 Launch We analyse your problem and develop a strategy
  • 5 Growth We analyse your problem and develop a strategy

Active Users


Increase in PVA

Hear it straight from our customers

Get Ready! This is the future of practice management. The Kanvas App has literally REVOLUTIONIZED our practice! As a Chiropractic Practice Manager for more than 15 years, I can attest this app saves us time and energy, makes us money, and simplifies all we do for our patients. Call it a practice manager in your pocket.”


Julianne Misra

Business Manager, The OM Center Chiropractic & Wellness

The Kanvas App has far more functionality than I could have wished. The team took our ideas, brought them to life, and then took it to another level. If you want to help keep patients on track with their care, stimulate new referrals to the clinic, streamline patient payment and scheduling, prescribe exercises, sell products in an online store, and even more, there’s the Kanvas App for that!

Ray Foxworth

Owner, Foxworth Chiropractic

Kanvas has been such a useful tool for all our clients, and also a great time-saving tool for me personally. Compared to the past, it easily saves me two to three hours a day, as it answers most questions our clients have. I will always have this app as long as I have my business. It is now a critical component.



Dr. Joe LaCaze

Owner, ROTEXMotion

Time to make PX part of your RX

Let’s take your patient experience to the next level.

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