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Dr. jay is committed to help you innovate and lead to reach your professional and financial potential.

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The Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework exists to help you become your best personally, professionally and financially. Build the practice of your dreams by learning and implementing real business strategies and skills!

Kaizenovate PLUS

Kaizenovate PLUS includes all the courses and resources you will need as a chiropractor to grow your business. it also includes the Evidence-Based Report of Findings, Grow Your Digital Brand, the 2022 webinar series, and so much more. This platform is constantly updated with Dr. Jay Greenstein’s latest webinars and resources.

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Dr. Kevin Christie

CEO, Modern Chiropractic Marketing and Chiropractic Success Academy Founder, Health-Fit Chiropractic and Sports Recovery. “Often chiropractors think all you need is to be a good clinician to have a thriving practice. The reality is, that is just the table stakes. You also need to understand business, team, and culture development in your practice. Kaizenovate’s Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework teaches you a step-by-step process to transform your practice into a thriving business that helps serve your community and keep you fascinated and motivated about being a chiropractic entrepreneur.”

Dr. Tim Bertelsman, DC, CCSP, DACO

Founder, ChiroUp; Founder, Premier Rehab; ICS Executive Board President; 2019 Chiropractic Physician of the Year Award “Jay Greenstein is one of the most well-respected thought leaders in our profession. He has led countless organizations and our entire profession toward a brighter future. He combines insight from the top as well as real-world, in-the-trenches experience about how to build a highly efficient, scalable evidence-based practice. All of us are very fortunate for this opportunity to put his unique knowledge into action.”

Mark Sanna, DC, ACRB Level II, FICC

President, Breakthrough Coaching “Jay Greenstein is a bright star among chiropractic entrepreneurs. He was a master of Salesforce and EOS/Traction before most entrepreneurs were even aware that they existed. His experience in owning and managing one of the most successful healthcare practices in the country has provided him with a depth of real-world practical knowledge. His passion for the chiropractic profession is highlighted by his support of evidence-based chiropractic research and guidelines, as well as his countless hours of volunteered service.”

Dr. Kris Anderson

President, North Dakota Chiropractic Association 2019 Chiropractor of the Year, North Dakota Chiropractic Association Secretary, Clinical Compass “In Adam Grant’s bestselling book, Give and Take, he describes what he calls givers, takers, and matchers. Surprisingly, givers are the most successful leaders, and there is no doubt that Dr. Jay Greenstein is that type of person”

Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

President, American Chiropractic Association Rehab Council “Dr. Jay Greenstein is one of the most creative chiropractors of our time. He’s a practitioner, speaker, author, board officer, businessman, entrepreneur, and generally wonderful person. Jay is smart and talented about a wide range of subjects especially the chiropractic perspective.”

Dr. Ronda Sharman, DC

Past President of the Maryland Chiropractic Association 2011 Chiropractor of the Year, Maryland Chiropractic Association “I have known Dr. Jay Greenstein for over 15 years (correct if you think it has been 20). As long as I have known him, he has always been ahead of the curve in everything he does. I have actually joked that when it comes to best practices in our profession, I watch what Jay does and then myself and others get around to implementing those things years later. Meanwhile, he was usually the pioneer working the kinks out of the newest and most progressive ideas, making it easier for us when we were ready to confront these new things.”

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