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Kaizenovate was founded to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and practitioners.

Kaizen is a Japanese word 改善 that describes a process of continuous improvement. Kaizenovate is our way of adding innovation and turning that concept into action. This idea, this word, drives us to push the limits of human potential and realize our highest levels of success.

As a practicing chiropractor and entrepreneur for over two and half decades, I’ve been fortunate to have had many successes. And I’ve been even more fortunate to have many failures. To fail is to learn, to learn is to grow, to grow is to Kaizenovate.

Through the learning and growing process, we’ve created a platform to share ideas, create community, and build technology to advance our tribe, and our profession.

Our company mission is improving healthcare through technology. Helping others to Kaizenovate, and in turn, reaching our collective greatest levels of professional, financial, and personal success is why we exist. Join us on our journey to Kaizenovate!

Dr. Jay S. Greenstein

Dr. Jay S. Greenstein


Dr. Jay Greenstein is an innovator and thought leader in healthcare. His experience in building a multimillion dollar organization, as well as his formal training at University of Maryland and the Wharton School of Business, has led to his ability to solve the common and challenging pain points of everyday practice, and for the communities we serve.

Serving the Chiropractic profession for over 25 years, he has held many leadership roles for state, national and international organizations. As such he has built a broad and deep network allowing him to support other key leaders and advocate for the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Greenstein is the CEO and founder of a highly impactful, multi-division organization – A five-location, evidence-based, chiropractic-rehab practice, a human performance and wellness company, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit, clinical research institute. Lastly, he is the CEO of Kaizenovate, a consulting and technology company, building long-lasting mobile tech solutions for clients and the population at large. Dr. Greenstein is a sought after international speaker and consultant. 

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Jena Etnoyer-Slaski

Director of Research and Innovation & Client Success

Jena is the Director of Project Management and Innovation for Kaizenovate. Her ten years of clinical practice as an Athletic Trainer combined with her understanding of the research management process gives Jena the experience, expertise, and leadership skills required to manage strategic partners’ needs. Additionally, Jena’s role with Kaizenovate is to oversee management of projects, provide customer service support, and ensure human centered design remains a focus in all aspects of the business.

Manal El Ayachi

Digital Marketing Specialist

With a background in Marketing and  Communication, Manal joined Kaizenovate as a Digital Marketing Specialist. She runs all the company’s social media content and marketing campaigns. As the digital world constantly continues to evolve, Manal uses her creative and analytical thinking to leverage the best marketing tools out there to grow the company’s presence online, engage customers, and more importantly build a community.


Dr. Patrick Engracia

Director of Clinical Education

Dr. Patrick Engracia is a clinician for Helix Sport and Spine in Washington State. Dr. Patrick has a strong emphasis in rehabilitation and teaching. He has completed advanced education courses in functional rehabilitation, nutrition, sports medicine, and manual therapy.

Dr. Patrick takes an eclectic approach to rehab with strong influences coming from Stu McGil, Grey Cook, DNS, TPI, Liebenson, Janda, and strength and conditioning. Dr. Patrick takes an integrated approach to rehabilitation and ensures every exercise has a specific purpose. He has instructed a number of rehab courses for the Maryland Chiropractic Association, Florida Chiropractic Association, WebEx.com, Kaizenovate, and Performance Health as well as serving as a consultant for Performance Health’s Rehab Certification. 

In clinical practice, Dr. Patrick also likes to integrate technology to evaluate and treat his patients. He utilizes biofeedback, motion capture, and gait analysis to help his patients improve their movement and perform better. Additionally, Dr. Patrick and Kaizenovate have teamed up to design Rehab 360, a rehab and staff training system designed for the modern chiropractic practice.

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