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Two Minute Drill:

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill from the Atlantic Ocean here in South Florida. Today’s topic of conversation is continuing to break the habit of being myself. This weekend, my mom turned 86. We had a nice party for her, and it was great. When I observe my parents, I notice some of the great things they taught me. 

Breaking the Habit


I also observe some habits and behaviors that I’ve carried with me that I no longer want to continue. This is all about breaking the habit of being yourself. 

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in my TMDs, but this concept comes from the book written by Dr. Joe Dispenza—an amazing book. As I continue to work through this process, three things really stand out to me in order for me to do this really hard work. 

The first thing is self-awareness. Do I recognize the thoughts, subsequent feelings, and then the actions of my old ways—habits that I’ve developed that I no longer want to have and that no longer serve me? 

Second, after being aware of it, doing something about it—changing my thoughts, changing my feelings, and certainly changing my behaviors and my actions. 

The last thing, and probably the most important, is consistency. This is where the hard work really comes into play—being aware, changing my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, and doing it very consistently. 

It’s easy to meditate here and there, but can you build a habit and do it on a regular basis? 

It’s easy to try and change a thought or a feeling every now and then, but to do it consistently to change who we are and be the best version of ourselves—that’s where the hard work comes into play. 

I am busting my f****** a** right now, and I will continue to do it until I’m happy with where I’m at. 

So guys, three things: awareness, actions, and consistency. 

That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill coming to you from beautiful South Florida. 

You guys have a great week, and I’ll see y’all next week. 


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