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Two Minute Drill:

Finding Your Inner Strength


What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is finding your inner strength. I’m here in beautiful Maine at the Samoset Resort. This place is super cool and super nice, and I am here for the Maine Chiropractic Association convention. Awesome crowd this weekend; it was fun, and I love being around this cool group of people. When we go through tough times, we need to find that inner strength that keeps us moving forward.

Inner Strength


I watch Naked and Afraid, you know, I don’t watch a lot of TV, but that’s one show I find intriguing. 

First, the people are getting naked in front of each other, and they are complete strangers. That’s bizarre, but what they put themselves through in the jungle or the desert is incredible. 

I watch people and I kind of study their level of fortitude, their level of grit, and how they find their inner strength. 

I thought this was appropriate for today because many times, as we’re trying to do hard things, where we’re pushing ourselves when we’re stretching outside of our comfort zones, we need to find our inner strength to keep moving forward. 

Three things I want you to think about in finding your inner strength: 

First, what’s the fire that’s driving you? What’s the motivating factor that’s pushing you forward? 

When you dig down deep and you find that inner fire, it helps to keep you moving forward. 

The second thing is focus; it’s important that you focus all your time and attention on the things that matter the most. 

One of the most important lessons that I continue to learn is saying no. 

Making decisions to do the things that matter the most and saying no to things that don’t matter nearly as much. 

Lastly, mix that combination of dreaming and doing what the future looks like when you’ve accomplished this hard thing. 

Then, what are the steps that you must take to get to that point? 

That’s the discipline component. Being disciplined and making sure you’re constantly taking the steps necessary to do the important things to get to that end goal. 

That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill. You guys are finding your inner strength in beautiful Rockport, Maine. 

Hope you guys have a great week, and I’ll talk to you all next week from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

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