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AI Uncovered: Addressing Common Questions and Concerns


What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is Artificial Intelligence. When I’m speaking on stages around the country and the world, towards the end of my presentation, I’ll display a QR code. People will scan the QR code, which brings up a survey, and they let me know how I did for the day. 

From Curiosity to Confidence


Did I deliver value? What could I have done better? What other topics are they interested in learning? 

In the survey, there’s also a section where they can ask me one question. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about AI, and so I wanted to answer some of those right now. 

Three common questions have come up regularly. 

One is, why do I trust AI? 

The reason I trust AI is that I’ve used it, and I continue to use it every single day in my business and my life, and it’s delivering remarkable results for me. Is it perfect? No, but is it doing great work, helping me become more efficient, more effective, saving time, and saving money? Absolutely, 100% yes. 

It’s delivering so much value in relation to content creation. I can’t even convey in these two minutes how much better my life is and how much more effective I am by using AI. 

Number two, what are my concerns around AI? A couple of concerns come to mind, one being privacy and security. We don’t exactly know where my prompts and the results from these prompts are going. 

At least I don’t know, maybe AI experts around the world do. Another concern I have is regarding hallucinations, where AI might make a mistake, especially when dealing with scientific studies or summarizing studies. You’ll want to double-check those references to ensure they’re attaching the correct reference to the correct statement when generating content. 

The third question I often get is, “Well, how do I start? Where do I begin?” 

The answer is simple: just start playing. I always say “play, learn, iterate.” Pretend AI is just a box of Legos that you throw onto the floor, and you start building stuff. 

When you play with these tools, intuitively, you become more engaged, and over time, you become better. 

There are lots of resources online. I recently launched a course—this is not a sales pitch—but I launched a course that walks you through and gives you exercises to learn how to use AI effectively, along with a multitude of different business use cases around it. 

The most important thing to know is that you can just start playing today. 

So, here are my three answers to the three most common questions I get related to AI. 

Have a great week, and I’ll talk to y’all next week. 

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Day 4: Building A+ Teams – Use AI to nurture a winning practice culture. 

Day 5: Inspiring Content Creation – Create content that motivates your team and attracts patients. 

Day 6: Enhancing Clinical Care and Patient Relationships – Leverage AI for better care and stronger patient bonds. 

Day 7: Future-proofing Your Practice – Strategize the integration of AI into your practice’s future. 

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