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Two Minute Drill: From Bloopers to Blessings: My Year in Review

What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill, the last 2 Minute Drill of the year. Today’s topic of conversation is looking back and looking forward. So, Manal, who does all of our social media, suggested doing an end-of-year video. We’re going to aggregate some pictures and videos, and we’ll put it all together at the end of the video, and then we’ll do our annual bloopers video at the end. I was like, “Okay, great. I love it!” 



Cheers to the Past, Toast to the Future


So, I had to go back and just look through pictures and videos, looking for bloopers, which I have a lot of. And, um, I started going through all of my pictures since the beginning of the year, and I realized some things. 

One, I take a lot of pictures of my dogs and two, I have this amazingly rich and meaningful life. It’s that way because not only of the work that I do but most importantly, the people that I do it with. All of my friends who I go on this journey with. Uh, and certainly not just my work friends, but I was looking at work friend-related pictures. 

But looking through what I do with these people just made me feel really good about the life that I have. A perfect life? Absolutely not! Areas I need to work on? Oh, yeah! But I feel very blessed. 

Here’s encouragement to you: go through your phone or wherever your photos are and just look back at the last year. Look at your pictures, look at the laughter you had, the joy you had, and reflect on the life that you’ve created and then think about what it looks like to be even better in 2024 looking forward. 

So that’s this week’s Two Minute Drill. You’re going to get some extra stuff this week from us, some other videos. Watch the videos because you might be in them. I love having my friends in my presentations and videos and stuff. 

Much love to you guys. Much love to my entire Kaizenovate and KaizoHealth teams, they are amazing. They allow me to do the things that I love to do every single day. 

Have a great, healthy, happy, safe holiday season, and have an even better 2024 because I am super excited about what’s to come. 

Peace, love, and soul. 


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