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Two Minute Drill: Getting in the Game

What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is AI as an Artificial Intelligence. This past weekend, I taught three courses on AI at the Florida Chiropractic Association, The National Convention, it was a great event. Got to hang out, and spend a lot of time with friends.


Artificial Intelligence


One of the things that I really observed in teaching AI to these classes is that people are afraid. They’re afraid of change. They’re afraid of this new technology. They’re just afraid of getting in the game. This week’s TMD is all about getting in the game.

AI, I can promise you will deliver three really important elements of value for you.

One, it will make you more efficient. I’ve used these tools now for months. My team and I have been way more efficient and able to do many different things like creating content, creating training videos, and creating training documents. We’ve just been able to be more efficient.

Two, it’s going to help you tap into your creativity. We are only at the limits of our own creativity when using these tools. You’re actually going to learn how to become more creative with the use of AI.

Then lastly, that third really important element is that I promise you, you won’t get left behind.

If we’re getting comfortable using these tools, then more tools coming out every single day will be a lot easier for us to adopt and help them improve our lives.

Again, you are going to be more efficient, you’re going to tap into creativity and you are going to not get left behind.

There is a great website called Futurepedia.io, sign up for it and every single week in your inbox you’re going to get all the new AI tools that are being developed.

That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill guys. Don’t be afraid of AI dive in, get in the game, and I promise you it will make your life better.

You guys have a great week. Talk to you all next week.


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