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Two Minute Drill: Becoming Hall of Famers Ourselves

What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is the Hall of Fame. As you can see behind me, there are some pro-NFL helmets, all signed by Hall of Fame players. I’m a big fan of football and, of course, I love watching the Hall of Fame induction speeches.


Hall of fame


I believe the Hall of Fame induction speeches offer not only great stories about football but also invaluable lessons about leadership and life. Three things stood out to me this past weekend when I watched the induction speeches.

The first one was the concept of grit. All these players had a tremendous amount of grit.

Joe Thomas, left tackle for the Cleveland Browns, for example, played 10,363 consecutive snaps. That takes a tremendous amount of physical, mental, and emotional grit.

The second thing that stood out to me is that all of them were coachable. They all listened, and they were all willing to learn from the people who came before them. The coaches wanted those players to achieve their highest level of success; and they listened and they applied. Because of that, they became some of the 371 best players to ever play the game of football.

Lastly, the concept of self-determination. I love what Darrelle Revis said. He said the competition will always be you versus you. What he essentially was saying is that it doesn’t really matter what’s going on around you.

You have to ask yourself, are you going to be the best version of yourself or not? It’s going to be me versus the lesser version of me. Which version of me is going to win? And that was inspiring.

So again, lessons learned are grittiness, being coachable, and having this concept of self-determination where we can be the best versions of ourselves and be Hall of Famers ourselves.

That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill. You guys have a great week, and I will talk to you all next week.


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