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Two Minute Drill: My Most Memorable Experience in Paris

What’s up Kaizenovators, Happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is “Paris”. I am in the Law Defense District of Paris; I was asked to speak at the International Chiropractic Sports Federation event here this weekend. It was awesome, I had great feedback, and it was a great audience.


I was also awarded for my work on the World Olympian Scholarship Program, which was rewarding, and I was honored to get that award.

I had a great time with friends, people I haven’t seen maybe in four years since Berlin. Some people I hadn’t seen in over a decade, but it was just like I had seen them yesterday, which is great. The international sports chiropractors’ community is just a wonderful, fantastic group of people who are creating a great impact in the world.

Maybe one of the most memorable experiences here in Paris is, I was going to dinner the first night, riding down the escalator, hearing some man screaming behind me and not knowing because I’m only speaking two words in French Merci and Bonjour cause that’s the only words I know.

The man was speaking French kind of loudly and not sure what was going on. All of a sudden, I get punched in the back, and I’m dumbfounded I realize that he was screaming at me because he wanted me to move from the left side of the escalator to the right side because apparently, he didn’t want to go around me. Then when he walked past me, I realized that the poor guy only had one arm.

So, no wonder he’s angry! So, the lesson learned for this week, guys, is if you’ve got folks screaming and yelling in public places, it may be a good idea to avoid them. That was my lesson learned this week in Paris.

I had a great time, was able to reconnect with friends, which was awesome, and got punched in the back by a one-arm dude.

So, there you go. That’s my Paris story. Next, I’ll be in Barcelona and I’ll be sending you my TMD from there.

You guys have a great week. We’ll talk to you all next week.


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