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Two Minute Drill: No to Stasis Yes to Progress

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is stasis. I travel a lot, as you guys know, I was in California, hanging out with my dad and my family, celebrating his 91st birthday. When I got back home, I opened up the fridge and saw this Tupperware bowl of Thanksgiving gravy, it was more like a science project than gravy. It got me thinking about the concept of stasis.


Stasis is a period of inactivity and it stems from the Greek word histánai which essentially means to be standing still. When fluid stands still, it is a breeding ground for pathology.

I started thinking about myself and whether was I getting too comfortable. Was I creating stasis in my own life and not pushing my limits, and my potential? I just thought really hard about what is it going to take for me starting now and going into 2023 to eliminate any stasis in my life, in my professional career, and in the things we are doing to create impact.

In fact, that’s my mission this week is to identify three things that went really well this year, and three things that didn’t go as well as I wanted to, and how I moved forward from that, how I learned from that and how I create the best possible year in 2023.

I want to encourage you guys to do the same thing. Sometimes we can get really comfortable, we can have stasis in our lives and not push ourselves to reach our maximal potential. When you think about this year, think about the great things that happened, about the things that could have gone better, and about what you want to accomplish in 2023 to make it your best year ever.

No to stasis yes to progress! It’s been a great year. Have loved 2022 and loved being able to spend it with you. Looking forward to an amazing 2023.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy, and I’ll see y’all next year. Bye.

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