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Two Minute Drill: Auditions

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. I am standing in front of my old high school football field, Winston Churchill high school here in Potomac, Maryland. I was not allowed to play football as a kid #Jewishmother. She would not let me but I love football and I think there’s a great analogy right now as it relates to what’s going on in football and talent management for us as business owners, and today’s topic of conversation is auditioning.

It’s All About the Audition

What happens in football? You have a draft that means you’re bringing in a pool of candidates. Then you have training camp, which is going on right now. Those are the auditions. I want you to think about what are the auditions for you and your practices. How are you making sure that you can understand whether or not that proposed player can make it to your team? They can make it on your team because they have the right values and they have got the right skill sets.

One of the things that I love to do is I will do a series of interviews with myself and with other team members, and then we will do an in-person interview. We will bring them into the clinic, check it out, and then we will ask them to do certain tasks related to their specific job roles.

If we are hiring a marketing person, for instance, we will ask them to build a marketing plan for us. Once we have gotten them into training camp, we have already weeded out people we know we don’t want. Now we have got a few final candidates and we want to see what they can deliver. When they can deliver the goods, that’s when we have a greater level of confidence that we have made a decision to bring on the right person.

I want to encourage you to make your job candidates, make the people that are applying for your roles, go through a rigorous interview process, and conclude with a specific action item that ties directly to a deliverable related to their job. When you do that, you’ll have more confidence in making a decision to not hire them or bring them onto your team and help them build your culture, your practice, and your success.

So, it’s all about the audition.

That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill, have a great week guys.

And I will see you all tomorrow at 2 PM for our Facebook Live. On the Menu: FCA.

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