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Two Minute Drill: Diversity of Thought

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today I am coming to you from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am here at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa. This is my second chiropractic entrepreneur event in the last week, and today’s topic of conversation is diversity of thought.

How Diversity of Thought Matters

Both experiences have been just truly remarkable. What I love about these two events is that I was able to learn from a wide variety of different people and learn a wide variety of things. Everything from philosophy to clinical excellence, to business strategies, helps us get through what everybody’s predicting to be the recession. I will share some of those with you at a later time. However, the most important thing for me to deliver this week is to reemphasize the point of how the diversity of thought matters. It exposes your brain and your thought processes to new ideas that can help you solve problems and be happier in life.

Shane Snow and his book, Dream Teams talked about cognitive diversity. You want diverse thoughts and opinions on your team to deliver the best outcome as long as the core values align with the group. What was interesting these past two weekends is that while there were lots of different discussions and maybe different areas of the chiropractic profession, one thing was obvious, clinical excellence, delivering value and impact for the patients and the communities that we serve was clearly at the center of the core values of these discussions.

I encourage you to get exposed to groups, get exposed to a wide variety of thinkers in the profession and outside the profession, and use that knowledge and wisdom to help improve your practice and your lives.

So that’s this week, Two Minute Drill, coming to you from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hope to see you all this Thursday at 7 PM on Facebook Live for the Happy Hour with Jen Porro. We will discuss FCA, answer all your questions, and have fun.

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