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Two Minute Drill: Sharing and Vulnerability

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is around sharing and vulnerability. I have been doing these things for a while and started sharing things I did not think I would on these videos. It’s started off a lot around business ideas and has gotten fairly personal.

Let’s Share With the Rest of the Group

I’m continuing to talk about these things because I am getting a lot of responses from people, and I’m so grateful that you guys are responding and you’re thinking about what I’m discussing and getting, to your heart, to your soul. It’s striking a chord.

I love all the messages that I get from you. I get the texts; I get the emails, but I’m asking that you consider posting your thoughts, ideas, and comments on the social channels we post on.

I am asking you to do this because first, we share a lot of things in common. We’re all human, and we all have many trials, tribulations, challenges, and successes. And we should be sharing that with everybody, not just the two-way communication between you and me. Secondarily, we’re building this community of like-minded folks, and we often have the same aspirations, goals, and values. So in that respect, we should be building this community of connection and communication so that we are helping each other because one-to-one communication is cool. I appreciate it, but it’s not the same as somebody receiving a message that I would typically receive privately, but receiving a message where everybody else in the community could see it, hear it, and ultimately benefit from it.

It’s about rising tide. Raising all ships. That’s this week’s Two Minute Drill.

Thank you, guys, so much for your positive comments and your feedback. Let’s share with the rest of the group, just post on the social channel where you watch.

Have a great week, and I’ll talk to you all next week.

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