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Two Minute Drill: My Rap 4 U!

 What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. For this week’s TMD, it came to me that I should write a rap for Memorial Day. It came to me and I did it! At the very least it is going to be interesting. So, here you go.

Memorial Day 

S’up Kaizenovators…Innovators…

Happy Tuesday Two-minute Drill

A time, and space, to trace our place

In life, in legacy, our internal supremacy


Memorial Day, we play but must pray

For those that suffered, that lost and paid the ultimate cost


Humanity has grown and shown it can create

But checkmate, cause our species can act like feces, not showing entreaties.


Progress without wisdom is the schism that breaks humanity like light through a prism

A new order, with no mortars, but instead love across border,


We need leading, not more bleeding, heeding all of us to take our own actions, to close the fractions and bring together factions

In some way, create, through honest debate, a gate, to remove hate and set the plate, to make our world great.


So, remember those lost, and their families’ cost, and build our minds’ state to eliminate hate.

Much love to you, and let’s be the glue for each other to be kind and true and God bless the red, white and blue.




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