TMD: My Rap 4 U

TMD: My Rap 4 U

Two Minute Drill: My Rap 4 U!

 What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. For this week’s TMD, it came to me that I should write a rap for Memorial Day. It came to me and I did it! At the very least it is going to be interesting. So, here you go.

Memorial Day 

S’up Kaizenovators…Innovators…

Happy Tuesday Two-minute Drill

A time, and space, to trace our place

In life, in legacy, our internal supremacy


Memorial Day, we play but must pray

For those that suffered, that lost and paid the ultimate cost


Humanity has grown and shown it can create

But checkmate, cause our species can act like feces, not showing entreaties.


Progress without wisdom is the schism that breaks humanity like light through a prism

A new order, with no mortars, but instead love across border,


We need leading, not more bleeding, heeding all of us to take our own actions, to close the fractions and bring together factions

In some way, create, through honest debate, a gate, to remove hate and set the plate, to make our world great.


So, remember those lost, and their families’ cost, and build our minds’ state to eliminate hate.

Much love to you, and let’s be the glue for each other to be kind and true and God bless the red, white and blue.




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TMD: Anarchy Hack

TMD: Anarchy Hack

Two Minute Drill: Anarchy Hack 

 What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is the anarchy hack. Now I don’t know about you guys, but from my experience, it feels like the universe is going absolutely bonkers.


Everything from COVID still going on to Russia invading a peaceful non-aggressive neighbor to the economy, to the political divide racism, and bigotry. To make all of these matters worse, one of my favorite treats of all time HOSTESS HOHOS these bad boys are actually getting smaller. Sometimes when I get them, they’re actually not even completely filled up. Now I’m creating a little levity around Hostess HoHos because if I was not joking around a bit, I would probably be crying my eyes out.

I am really curious, what are you guys doing to deal with all of this craziness that’s going on? When I thought about it for myself, I think the thing that I’m really working on these days to deal with all this craziness is kindness.

Kindness to myself. Today, I woke up as early, I went to the grocery store and bought myself some crab cakes. I’m going to make some crab cakes for dinner, and I’m going to have some HoHos for dessert. Kindness to others. Over the last several years, I have made a commitment to myself that whenever I think about doing something nice for someone, I’m just going to do it, I’m not going to overthink it.

Now, I actually fumbled a bit today at the store and I thought about doing something. Then it got all complicated in my head and I ended up not doing it, but at least I recognize it. In the future, I’m going to work on not doing that, to overcome that fumbling in my head, doing something nice for others in this crazy screwed-up world right now can actually improve our mental health and well-being. So that’s my anarchy hack, kindness.

I just want you to think about what yours is and I want you to share it with the rest of the Kaizenovate tribe. So, I know it’s crazy, but hang in there and share your anarchy hack with the tribe.

See you next week

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TMD: Imposter Syndrome

TMD: Imposter Syndrome

Two Minute Drill: Imposter Syndrome

 What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. I am in South Florida at Cardone Capital, Cardone Enterprises, which is Grant Cardone’s multi-billion-dollar business. Today’s topic of conversation is imposter syndrome.

What the f*** am I doing here?

I’m here today because Jared Yellin, a buddy of mine, is a partner with Grant Cardone, and we taped a couple of shows. One is called “What’s on Your Napkin”, which is a show where startup entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to us. That was super fun, kind of like Shark Tank. The other was just a straight-up interview talking about my journey and where I’ve gone, from not knowing what I was going to do in my life when I was in college all the way through to chiropractic and my experience in chiropractic through to now being a tech entrepreneur.

It was just super fun. But I can tell you when I got here this morning, and I’m looking at this incredible building with all these signs of success, I’m like, what the f*** am I doing here? I don’t deserve to be here.

It’s funny, this kind of came up in the conversation. There are things that I needed to tap into to feel better about myself essentially. One was tapping into my past successes, and I’ve been pretty successful, not as successful as I’m going to be hopefully one day, but I’ve been pretty successful. I wanted to tap into things that I’ve done in the past just to give me a bit more confidence about being here. Then two of the things came up as it is related to just kind of how do you feel in the morning when you wake up and you’re like, should I even be doing this? The two other things that I talked about related to imposter syndrome were learning as much as I can. So, I’m going to come up against an obstacle, you know, watching a video, reading a book, talking to folks in my network was important. Then the third thing was patience, you know, being more patient with myself around the progress that I’m making.

Last week’s TMD was about not comparing myself to others, I reflect back on that this week. I’m not Grant Cardone. He is his superhuman. That’s great, but you know what, I guess I’m my superhuman in my way, and you are your superhuman in your way as well.

If you feel like sometimes you don’t belong, just tap into the things you’ve done well in the past, your successes; always strive to learn more because there’s more that we can all learn, and just be patient with yourself. You’re going to get there.

I had a great time. Have a great week y’all and I’ll talk to y’all next week.

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TMD: 3 Tricks to Not Compare Yourself With Others

TMD: 3 Tricks to Not Compare Yourself With Others

Two Minute Drill: 3 Tricks to Not Compare Yourself With Others

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is comparing ourselves to others and it is inspired by one of my favorite quotes said by the Hall of Fame running back Walter Peyton, “I don’t compare myself to others because I don’t want to limit myself.”


Don’t compare yourself to others

I love that quote and it stuck with me for my entire life. Sometimes, I find myself comparing myself to others. I think it’s fairly natural for that to happen for all of us, but there are some things that I do to fight back. I just want to share those so-called tricks with you guys.

  • Trick Number One

One way to get out of feeling bad, maybe about comparing yourself to someone else who you think has something better than you do, is to congratulate them on whatever that thing is. If you feel like someone has achieved a certain level of success say to them, “Man you have achieved so much great success! Congratulations! I really think that’s amazing and I’m so glad for you. I’m so happy for you.” At the end of the day, doing something nice for others just makes us feel good about ourselves.

  • Trick Number Two

It’s really important that we think about how we compete with ourselves as opposed to competing with others. We can essentially gamify this feeling of I want to be more successful. What are the steps I need to take in order to win the game? What can I control in my life, in my work, and my professional life in my personal life? What can I control that can move the needle for me and my level of happiness?

  • Trick Number Three

Owning our own journey! Like we are the only people that are experiencing our own journey. By the way, what stands in the way becomes the way. The fact that we can own and embrace our own journey, understand it, and then move the needle to do things and take control of the things that we can control helps us just get better and better and ultimately happier.

So, that’s this week’s two-minute drill. Don’t compare yourself to others!

Congratulate others, make sure that you compete with yourself only, and not with others, and own your own journey because what stands in the way becomes the way.

I will see you all next week.

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TMD: Anti Micromanagement

TMD: Anti Micromanagement

Two Minute Drill: Anti Micromanagement

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill. Today’s topic of conversation is anti-micromanagement and it is inspired by an email I recently received from one of my buddies asking for a status report copy.


Status Report

I was recently having an email exchange with one of my buddies and he had asked me for a copy of what’s called a status report. At the end of each week, all the members of our teams, send a status report. It is a summary sent to their leader of how the week went for each team member in terms of their KPIs, their goals, and the challenges that they faced up.

Now, why is this important for us?

First of all, it helps the leader understand where the team members might need support and help. Secondarily, and most importantly, it gets that individual team member thinking about the outcome of the week. What were the inputs that drove the outcome? How could they do even better next week and think about the things they need to control to improve their KPIs, improve progress towards a goal, or overcome a challenge?

I sent an example of a status report to a buddy of mine and he responded “Thanks so much, but does this feel like micromanagement?” I responded to him “If you have the wrong person on the team who looks at this as a task, yes! It might feel like micromanagement. But if you have somebody who understands the purpose behind the status report, that it’s to get them to think about the inputs that drove the result and what they can do even better the following week, it’s a game-changer”. In addition, that information at the end of the week helps us as leaders are prepared for the following week to support the members of our team.

If you’ve got the right people in the right seat, doing the right work in the right way at the right time, and they’re providing you with information as a leader on how they’re doing and where they need the most amount of support at the end of each week, you’ll find it is going to be much easier to help them achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves.

So, status reports, it’s the anti-micromanagement. That’s this week’s two-minute drill. Hope you guys have a great week. Talk to you all next week.

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