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Two Minute Drill: Liars, Pigs, and Thieves

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill! I’m here in Panama City Beach for the Florida Chiropractic Association Northwest Regional Conference and today’s topic of conversation is about taking control.

Taking Control

I love the FCA and I love speaking to this crowd. It’s a great group. Yesterday, in the context of technology, documentation, and big data, a comment came from one of the members of the crowd who was frustrated around dealing with third-party administrators (you all know who I am referring to). Those liars, pigs, and thieves steal our money and prevent patients from getting the care they need.

I completely understand their frustration.

However, there are things that we can control related to those liars, pigs, and thieves. For instance, we don’t have to be in the network. I know that is really easy to say, but at the end of the day, these third-party administrators cannot exist without a doctor network. So if we want to see them go away, well, don’t join the network. I’m not saying that collectively, because that would be a violation of antitrust, however, everybody needs to make their own decision so we have control over what we do. We can go cash with those patients, we can say no to liars, pigs, and thieves, and we don’t have to sit there and take it the entire time.

There are solutions to these problems. We can control how we run our businesses and our practices, who we accept as patients, who we accept as third-party administrators, and who we accept as insurance companies. So, let’s focus on the things that we can control, and let’s live a healthier, happier life because we make decisions that are in alignment with our core values. At the end of the day, sometimes you have to make tough decisions so that you can get out from under the grasp of liars, pigs, and thieves.

So that’s this week’s two-minute drill. Take control of the things that you’re not happy with. Do something about it. It’s not always easy but it will be, I promise you, rewarding!

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