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Two Minute Drill: Create Value

What’s up Kaizenovators, happy Tuesday Two Minute Drill! Today I am coming to you from Reagan National Airport. And today’s topic of conversation is about how we can create exponential value for a potential customer.

How to Create Exponential Value for a Potential Customer

Today I am at the Reagan National Airport early Tuesday morning. In fact, the sun is not even out. I am super excited because I am taking a trip to a different place, getting on a plane, getting my bags, and going to a different city to have a great conversation around how we can create exponential value for a potential customer.

My hair is still wet. That’s how early it is. But, I’m really excited! I always push my team and myself to do whatever it takes to find ways to create exponential value. It’s all about value creation first. Anytime you’re dealing with a potential customer and when you create value for others, great things happen.

I am super excited, I can’t wait to get on this plane, I can’t wait to have this meeting, and I can’t wait to have a discussion about how we create exponential value, help patients, help providers, and deliver really meaningful impact for the patients, populations, and providers that we serve.

So, create value, do whatever it takes!

That’s today’s two-minute drill. Send me some great mojo and wish me good luck.

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