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Two Minute Drill: I Let My Emotions Get The Best of Me

Today’s topic of conversation is fallibility, self-awareness, and vulnerability. So Friday I had kind of a rough day. Listen to this week’s Two Minute Drill to hear what happened, how I handled it, and what I learned.


Fallibility, self-awareness, and vulnerability

So Friday I had kind of a rough day. I had a fair number of things that were not going the way I would like them to go. Toward the end of the day, an email came across my desk and I reached out to one of my leaders and I was definitely not my best self. I let my emotions get the best of me and I was fallible.

I didn’t handle the conversation well at all.

The self-awareness came in the middle of the conversation where I realized I am not doing a very good job and because I’m not doing a very good job, I can’t really help my leader very well. And so, I became self-aware and at that point, I did end up apologizing. I think that was positive because this person understood that I recognized I wasn’t being my best self and at the same time I still felt bad even after the conversation.

So, what is the one thing I can do moving forward to make sure that I don’t go down that road again? The main thing is to make sure that I don’t act immediately. My tendency is to do that, and I’ve been fairly good over the years at preventing that from happening but on Friday when all the sh*t was hitting the fan I just didn’t do it very well.

So, I think when it comes to any help this can provide you, I would say make yourself aware of those times when you react in not the best way. Find ways to be more aware of them and then if you need to, say you’re sorry because people for the most part (even though sometimes they won’t forget) they will forgive.

So fallibility, self-awareness, and vulnerability, that’s the message for today’s TMD. I’m going to work on being a better person and a better leader this week. What are you going to work on this week? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

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