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Two Minute Drill: Same Time, Same Day!

Today’s topic of conversation is all about organizational planning for success. In this week’s TMD I’m asking you three important questions to gain traction and move your practice forward in 2022.


The three W’s For Your 2022 Success 

First, I’m going to ask you to ask yourself three important questions.

Question number one: What is the one most important thing I learned from 2021 as it relates to moving my practice forward?
Question number two: What’s the one most important thing I must get done in 2022 to call it is a success?
Question number three: What are the resources that I am going to need, or are required, in order for me to achieve this one most important thing in 2022?

That is step number one. Make sure to answer those questions.

Step number two is about reviewing the answers with your team in an annual planning session meeting.

Finally, step number three is ensuring that you’ve got regular meetings. Same time, same day, same agenda throughout the year 2022. I can’t tell you the number of chiropractors that I have spoken to over the years that don’t do regular meetings with their teams. I know sometimes meetings can be a waste of time, but when they’re done the right way, they can be incredibly impactful and give you traction to move your practice forward.

I will be talking about this in much greater detail on my webinar on December the 14th at 1:30 PM Eastern time. Sign up and reserve your spot to check it out so you can position yourself for the greatest amount of success in 2022.

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