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Two Minute Drill: Am I Biased?

In this week’s TMD I am coming to you from the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. Today’s topic of conversation is inspired by a recent LinkedIn post I read about unconscious bias.


Unconscious Biases

I came across a post on LinkedIn and loved it, it was about unconscious bias. I sent it to my entire team, and asked them to think about the biases that they may not consciously recognize, and what are the steps they can take to drive greater emotional intelligence. This is important because it makes us better people, but it also holds us accountable for taking care of others in our practices.

Therefore, we will do a better job identifying how we can best support the needs of our patients by being aware of these biases and improving our emotional intelligence.

I recently heard of two different studies, one in 2004 and the other one in 2017 that showed that those with a “Caucasian” name are more likely to be called back during their hiring process for roles they are less qualified for compared to people with an “ethnic-sounding” name. That’s wrong! It uncovers what the unconscious or even conscious biases are in the workplace. At the same time, those who made those hiring decisions are likely to be missing out on incredible talents.

When you think about how you build your team and interact with your patients, I want you to start identifying those areas of opportunities to improve your emotional intelligence and uncover those blind spots, those unconscious biases that we all have in order to be better providers, better people, and better positive impact givers.

Coming to you from Washington DC. Have a great week, guys.

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