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Two Minute Drill: Turtles and Darwin

In this week’s TMD I am coming to you from The University of Maryland, my old stomping grounds. Today’s message is all about change and adaptation.

How do we adapt?

It is really awesome to see all the changes in this place, new buildings, new development, new schools… However, I drove by a restaurant that my buddies and I used to go to all the time called “The Bagel Place”, and after 35 years they are no longer in business. So, what’s the difference? I would argue that the difference is adaptation. Darwin said, “it is not the strongest or the smartest that survive. It is those who best adapt to change”.

We’ve had to deal with so much change in our world over the last year and a half. What I want you to be thinking about moving forward is what change could be happening in the future that you might need to adapt to. Maybe it is a change in reimbursement or a change in regulations. There is always going to be change happening. The question becomes, how do we adapt? How do we prepare for that adaptation?

Start thinking ahead. We are getting close to the end of the year and we are starting to plan and identify what are the things that we might need to adapt to in order to have our best year in 2022.

Go Terps! Fear the turtle!!

Hope you have a great, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving.

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