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Two Minute Drill: Our God-Given Body

In This week’s TMD Dr. Jay has a special Guest, his best friend from college, Laurence Fundler. Today he will be sharing with us his own perspective and approach around our God-given body.


Healthy Body

As people, we are just spiritual beings. We are housed within our minds and our bodies. Laurence’s perspective is that our true home is right here within our God-given body.

Once you accept that concept, it becomes really easy and almost non-negotiable to take care of your body. Do the things that are going to give you that healthy longevity by exercising both your body and mind, eating proper nutrients, getting good sleep, and enjoying what God has to offer outside, the sun and the air.

Far too many people don’t take care of their bodies and have no idea of the harm that they are causing from all the junk they eat and their lack of exercise. Once the harm is done, the quality of life is gone.

Laurence is talking about playing the health and wellness game at a very high level from the opening kickoff to the last second that ticks off the clock. Every play and every drive matters. If you don’t pay attention to protecting your home, your personal game clock is going to wind down quickly. You’re going to run out of time-outs and it’s going to be too late to make a comeback.

Laurence also suggests not relying on a two-minute drill when it comes to taking care of your home.

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