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Two Minute Drill: Tiny Little Boxes

In this week’s TMD I am in Huntington Beach, California helping my parents who have fallen ill and talking about how I am addressing the topic of managing stress and mental health in my own life.



My parents have fallen ill and my sister, who has been amazing in taking care of them, needed some help and of course I wanted to come out and make sure my parents are ok. So, this week I am in California and wanted to talk about the topic of managing stress.

For me, I’m a big compartmentalizer. I take these stressful issues and I wrap them up in a tiny little box and I stick them away in the depths of my brain so that I can go about my day. It lets me go about my business and manage the things that need to be addressed. That’s my way of dealing with it.

At the end of the day, I realized I have a fair amount of tiny little boxes that are stored away in my brain in my conscious and or my subconscious mind that need to be addressed. So, I’m going to be seeking out counseling to help me address and deal with the issues, both recent and past. The reason I say these things to you is not that I want you to feel bad or sorry for me but because we all go through challenging times in our lives. I want to awaken some of those tiny little boxes in your brain and make sure that you are taking steps to get the help that you need.

I know it can be very difficult to find the right type of support. The right type of counselor. I’ve had counseling in the past and it has been very beneficial for me. Recently I’ve tried and haven’t been successful in finding the right person, but I realize I need to persevere and be gritty in my approach to find the right person that I can talk to to help address these issues.

I want you to do the same. If you have these tiny little boxes deep in your brain, make sure you reach out and get the support that you need. Ultimately it will help you improve your mental health, your wellbeing, and your happiness.

That’s today’s TMD. Again, I don’t want anyone feeling bad for me, this is part of life and I’m going to be just fine but I want you to be even better than just fine. If you need help reach out. Head over to our Facebook page and let us know how you are managing your stress.


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