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Two Minute Drill: Sharing the chiropractic message

Dr. Jay has one important question for you this week, “How are you sharing the chiropractic message?”. Listen to this week’s Two Minute Drill to hear how you can help grow the understanding and impact of chiropractic.


How do we get the word out?

One really important question for you today, how are you sharing the chiropractic message?

Recently Dr. Jay had a friend who was having some issues, went to see a doctor and the doctor told her she was a good surgical candidate. That was a joke because when he talked to this person they were not a surgical candidate whatsoever.

There is so much guideline discordant care going on in our country and around the world and that is not ok. So, how do we get the word out? How do we educate other healthcare providers and the general public about what great care looks like, based on the evidence?

How do we do that?

First and foremost, there are two channels we can address. The first is the general population. Creating content that comes from the evidence is not so hard to do. When you are speaking through your voice it can have a really great impact on your patient population and those who want to be part of your patient population. So, find articles that are relevant to chiropractic, to your patients, and to the population at large and answer some of their key questions like, “Am I a surgical candidate?” and “What does a surgical candidate look like for spine surgery?”. That might be a really good post that you can put out there that will help the general public.

The second thing is sending brief narrative reports of exams and re-exams to your patients referring physicians or their PCPs, OBGYNs, orthos, even if they didn’t refer the patient to you. Letting them know what you are doing, how you are treating and evaluating their patients, and helping them understand how you are a valuable part of the healthcare team is critically important. Don’t stop at just sending over the narrative form, also reach out. Try and connect with them, have a conversation about your mutual patient. It’s called care coordination and it’s really important and can not only be great for the outcome of the patient but can also be great for the income of the practice. Once those providers connect with you and they know you know your sh*t they are going to want to send you more patients. The more they understand about chiropractic, the fewer drugs and surgery there will be in the world and more referrals to your practice, and better outcomes.

So let the general population know about chiropractic. Use the evidence that is out there. You can go to https://clinicalcompass.org/, there are tons of resources on that site that you can pull from and answer the questions your patients have, communicate with other members of the healthcare team, and grow the understanding and impact of chiropractic.

That’s this week’s TMD. Head over to our Facebook page and let us know how you are going to share the chiropractic message this week.


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