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Two Minute Drill: Take time to smell the roses

This week Dr. Jay is coming to you from Virginia Beach for the Two Minute Drill. His good friend Brad Cost is playing cameraman as they were attending the UVCA convention. In this week’s TMD we are talking about beauty and the need to celebrate achieving your goals.


Take time to celebrate

Look at this beautiful beach and beautiful ocean, at this amazing setting in Virginia Beach at the UVCA convention.

What Dr. Jay is trying to convey to you in today’s Two Minute Drill, is when things are beautiful, when you are doing great things, when you are achieving your goals, take time to celebrate.

One of the most intelligent brightest behavioral scientists, BJ Fogg, talks about the importance of celebrating victories and building great habits. So, every time you build a habit in your practice or your life, celebrate the fact that you have achieved the goal.

Take the time to smell the roses people!

Celebrate the victories and you will not only be happier, but you will build in even more great habits that achieve even greater levels of success.

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