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Two Minute Drill: Hut Hut!

It’s completely appropriate that Dr. Jay is wearing this helmet in today’s Two Minute Drill. This is John Riggins’ helmet, Super Bowl MVP. He was a gamer in the fourth quarter. Watch this week’s TMD as it is all about the fourth quarter and how you can make in-game adjustments to make sure you finish the year strong.


Are you winning the game?

Whether the team was winning or losing John Riggins was running over people. He was scoring touchdowns, he was making first downs, he was doing whatever it took to win the game.

So, we ask you where do you stand at the beginning of the fourth quarter? Are you winning the game? And if you are, are you identifying and understanding the inputs that got you there and then finding ways to continuously improve on those inputs so you can finish the year even stronger?

If you are not winning the game, if you are not having the year you hoped you would have, well guess what? You get to rethink your strategies, you get to rebuild your tactics, and you get to restart your action plan so you can finish the year stronger. Just because we didn’t have the best first quarter, second quarter, or third quarter doesn’t mean we don’t make in-game adjustments so that we can finish the game strong.

So, we want you to think about the inputs that got you to your successes. We want you to think about what you need to start doing, stop doing, change what you are doing, or do something even better to get you to that winning score by the end of the year.

That’s this week’s TMD, hut-hut! Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what adjustments you are making to finish the year strong.


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