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Two Minute Drill: Sicilian Vibes


It’s a new week and a new location for Dr. Jay. This week Dr. Jay is in Sicily for his Tuesday Two Minute Drill talking all about metrics that actually matter. Listen to find out what one metric isn’t being tracked nearly enough.


Metrics that matter

Today we are talking about metrics that matter. When Dr. Jay is speaking across the country or having conversations with other chiropractors, there is one metric that isn’t being tracked nearly enough. It’s the self-discharge to doctor discharge ratio.

People know their metrics like MVA and other metrics like billings, collections, and new patients but if you are not tracking the percentage of patients who self-discharge versus those who doctor discharge you are missing out on a huge opportunity.


First, you are missing an opportunity to improve the doctor discharge number and reduce the self-discharge number because self-discharge patients typically are not adherent patients and therefore may not have the best outcomes.

Secondarily there is a business use case for checking this. When you know where you stand with doctor vs self-discharges you can then take steps to improve.

So first thing we want you to do if you are not tracking this metric, at the end of each week run a list of your patients who are no longer in the practice and identify them as either self or doctor discharge and do this for the next 90 days. If you have an EHR system that tracks it for you and the reason why then great. Track it, run the reports, and check them so you know where you stand.

In next week’s Two Minute Drill, we are going to talk about how to move the needle and improve it.

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