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Two Minute Drill: David vs. Goliath


In today’s Two Minute Drill, Dr. Jay is talking about customer service issues when you are David and you are fighting Goliath, a large company. Listen to this week’s video to hear how he did things differently to solve an airline service issue.


Dealing with service issues

In this week’s TMD, Dr. Jay tells the story of his trip to France and dealing with lost luggage. Dr. Jay and his girlfriend were in Copenhagen and were flying to France to do a little road trip. When they got to France their bags did not arrive. They were told their bags would be delivered the next day, but of course, they didn’t arrive. They didn’t arrive the next day after that either.

After a few days, Dr. Jay was leaving to go to the next city and still didn’t have their luggage. After countless calls to the Air France customer service department in France, the US, and the airport staff he decided he needed to do something different to solve this issue.

So, he went on Twitter and blasted Air France for lying to them about the bag delivery.

Guess what happened. About 30 minutes later he got a direct message from Air France about their bags. It still took 2 more days to get their bags but finally, they did get their bags to them. There were countless tweets over that two-day period (you can still probably find them on Twitter).

So, what did Dr. Jay do differently? He utilized social media to create awareness around a service issue. These company executives don’t want these tweets out there in the universe for others to see is a way to create leverage and get what you need done.

Another recent example of getting creative to resolve a service issue, we had an issue with one of our technology partners and we sent several emails to the service team with no response. So on a Saturday morning, Dr. Jay woke up and found the CEO on LinkedIn. He reached out to him and said this is not ok, not acceptable. We need this resolved immediately.

Within an hour, the company’s top customer service rep called him and got the issue resolved.

Had Dr. Jay not reached out on LinkedIn and found this guy and not utilized a different avenue we may not have got the issue resolved in a timely manner, which would have ultimately affected our customers in a negative way.

Lesson learned – think differently about how to solve service issues, whether it is a personal issue or business issue, you can create accountability by calling companies out on social media. You can find leaders and executives in companies and reach out to them and tell them about the situation you are having and if they are attentive to their customers, they are going to make sure the issue is resolved.

If you are having service issues with these companies, try these strategies and see if it makes a big difference for you. Go to our Facebook page and let us know what service issues you have experienced and what you went through to get them resolved.


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