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Two Minute Drill: Secret Sauce Ingredients


This past weekend was very interesting because we had the end of the Olympics coinciding with two Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, the class of 2020 and the class of 2021. In this week’s Two Minute Drill Dr. Jay is breaking down what ingredients he saw in these athletes that we can use to create our best selves.


What does it look like to be our best selves?

Today’s Two Minute Drill is about creating our best selves inspired by this past weekend where we had the end of the Olympics coinciding with two Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, the class of 2020 and the class of 2021.

We all love watching the athletes, listening to their stories, and getting inspired and motivated by seeing the best in the world do their thing. So what does it take for these athletes to be their best?

It starts with setting a clear goal. Molly Seidel, who won the bronze in the women’s marathon, set a goal in fourth grade to win a gold medal in the Olympics! Ok, she didn’t win the gold but she is the third-best in the world and it was only the third marathon that she has done, EVER.

    • Ask yourself: Are your goals written down?

Second, make sure you have a great team around you. Charles Woodson said over and over again in his hall of fame induction speech “Without you, I’m not here”. Every single one of those Hall of Famers acknowledged all the people that helped them along the way.

    • Ask yourself: Are you developing? Have you intentionally built your dream team that aligns with your core values, your mission, your vision, and all of the goals you have for your professional lives and even your personal lives?

Third, all these athletes work hard but also work smart. They are relentless at being their best physical and mental selves. They are students of the game. It was really interesting to watch Molly Seidel run this great race, she ran a smart race. She used the shade to decrease the impact of the heat on her. She also gave it her all. She worked the hardest she could possibly work. During the interview at the end, she said I am so tired. A great and shining example of what it takes to give it literally everything you have.

    • Ask yourself: Are you working as smart as you can work? Are you working in a way that you can decrease the energy expenditure and get the same and or better result?

The fourth element of the secret sauce is adaptability. All of these athletes, all had new coaches over time. None of them had the same coaches they had at the age of 6 as they did when they were professional athletes. There is new science, new ideas. Sydney McLaughlin, who won gold in the 400m hurdles, hired a new coach and learned how to hurdle leading with both the left and right leg and that changed the game for her. The idea that we can be adaptable during these times is critical.

    • Ask yourself: How are you refining your skill of adaptability?

The last element of the secret sauce is resilience. Rebecca Andrade, a Brazilian gymnast, had 3 ACL surgeries in the last 4 years and she won the gold medal in the vault. Watching her was truly inspiring. This young lady never gave up and found ways to dig deep so that she could come back to the Olympics after 3 ACL surgeries and win gold. It is one of the best stories of the Olympics.

    • Ask yourself: What is your opportunity to increase your resiliency skills and how are you building resilience to skills in your dream team?

The secret sauce around being the best we can be is not complex but it is hard. It’s difficult. Remember it’s a journey, not a destination.

All we can do every day is try to be that much better. How can we be 1% better every day? Over time, that 1% better turns us into a different human being.

So, are you setting goals and writing them down? Have you built your dream team? Are you working as hard and smart as you can? Are you maintaining adaptability, growing your skill of adaptability? Are you building resilience and the resilience of your team?

Those are the secret sauce ingredient that Dr. Jay got out of the Olympics and the hall of fame weekend and hope that it helps inspire and motivate you. Don’t forget to share the ingredients to your secret sauce on our Facebook page.


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