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Two Minute Drill: The First Two Minute Drill


No, Dr. Jay did not cut his hair. This week’s Two Minute Drill is a throwback to his VERY FIRST Two Minute Drill. There are a lot of new faces so we thought we would share Dr. Jay’s very first TMD as it also relates to last week’s theme of stepping out of your comfort zone.


20th take

The Two Minute Drill is about getting valuable and meaningful content to you every week in two minutes or less. Dr. Jay is a big football fan (remember his football helmet collection a few weeks ago), so a two-minute drill makes a lot of sense.

Today’s video is about 2 things. One, introducing the concept to you but also two, stepping out of our comfort zone.

Dr. Jay being in front of the camera is a little awkward for him. This was his 20th take so far.

He can be on stage in front of 100’s of people, 1000’s of people and not miss a beat, have a great time. The camera thing, however, is a little awkward.

He is forcing himself to do this to grow personally and professionally. He is also sharing the content he has learned from running a business for the last 27 years as well as all the coaching and mentoring he has received.

His goal for you this week is for you to step out of your comfort zone. What will you do to step out of your comfort zone? While he is forcing himself out of his comfort zone, what are you going to do to make a positive impact or do something meaningful for yourself? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know.


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