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Two Minute Drill: Did I wipe out?


Dr. Jay just finished a two hour surfing lesson at Mondo’s Beach in Ventura, CA. Did he wipe out? Listen to this week’s TMD to hear about his experience surfing and what lessons it taught him.


Keep working on the process

Dr. Jay took a two-hour surfing lesson at Mondo’s Beach. He had a great time but at the beginning, he fell over and over and over again. But he thought about the process, “Where are my feet, where is my balance, where is my placement on the board” and he just kept working on the process and then inputs.

Ultimately he was able to get up and ride some waves, which was super fun! He is not a professional surfer, not even close (his words : ) but you know what, he had fun. He didn’t get upset about what was happening when he was failing and falling, he just kept working at the process and he got better and better over time.

So, think about where you are falling over and over and over again in your practice and find ways to look at the process, look at the inputs, make changes, check your balance, and then find ways to be successful.

It will work, just keep at it. Do not get discouraged, keep at it, work on the process and you’ll get there.

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