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Two Minute Drill: Tyranny


Dr. Jay is in beautiful California for this week’s Two Minute Drill. Only 3 days after July 4th Dr. Jay is talking about tyranny. In this week’s video, he is talking about the tyrants he is fighting and asking you to think about what tyrants you are dealing with in your life.


Internal and External Tyrants

For Dr. Jay, there are two tyrants he is dealing with, one internal and one external.

Internal is that self-doubt, that fear, that he may not be able to achieve everything I am trying to achieve. The only way he knows how to fight that is through education and learning. So every time he gets that feeling of “I’m not going to get to that goal, I’m not going to achieve that thing”, he tries to learn more.

For the external tyrant, as some of you know well third-party payers, third-party administrators, insurance companies, and the like. Dr. Jay has spent the better part of the last two decades fighting these tyrants and at the end of the day he has had some successes and he has had some failures. The only thing that he knows how to do is to pivot and try something new.

So, what are the tyrants in your life? What are the internal tyrants, internal voices you are struggling with? What are those external tyrants that you have dealt with for a long time and maybe you need to pivot and do something different to achieve your goal?

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